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LEVA Hotels

Client: LEVA Hotels

Info: https://stayleva.com/

About LEVA Hotels

Founded in 2019, LEVA is a dynamic lifestyle hotel concept created to offer a fresh and more accessible perspective to the hospitality industry. Under the stewardship of JS Anand, LEVA Hotels offers modern convenience and traditional hospitality together. Recognizing its guests as tech-savvy explorers, the hotel brand delivers an experience that is cutting-edge, convenient, and contemporary to those traveling for both work and play.

LEVA’s flagship property LEVA Mazaya Centre – Dubai, has been ranked number one spot on TripAdvisor – just three years after opening. LEVA’s hip dining space, which is managed by Baker’s Kitchen, features rustic benches and retro baking equipment that’s in perfect harmony with LEVA’s vision of a contemporary hotel concept tailored for today’s travelers.


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