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Andre Russell signs on as a brand ambassador for UK tech company

24th November 2022 – UK-based consumer technology company T4tec announced today that it had signed a strategic partnership deal with renowned international cricketer Andre Russell as part of its brand alignment strategy for the Middle East and Asia region.

As part of the deal, the West Indies all-rounder will be actively involved in T4tec marketing activities and brand campaigns for the regional market, tapping the region’s growing love for cricket.

According to the T4tec spokesperson, the partnership with the 34-year-old former Kolkata Knight Riders player is a deliberate move for the brand to establish a deeper connection with the regional and global consumer base.

Illuminati launched at V Habtoor Hotel

18th November 2022 – Dishing out an unparalleled dine-in experience to redefine culinary brilliance, Illuminati; a revolutionary AI and technology-driven lounge was launched at V Habtoor Hotel. This unique concept lounge is a prodigy of Unstoppable Concepts – a startup with a passion for stellar dine-in spaces. Armed with varied themes and immersive experiences, the brand is all set to welcome a discerning clientele for a culinary journey that goes beyond the menu to soak in the ambiance and décor.

Set to become a one of its kind restaurant, bar, and lounge; Illuminati embodies the inspiration and mysticism of ‘The Illuminati’ – an exclusive society founded in the 18th century in Germany. Right from the food, and décor to the concept lounging; the entire restaurant is set to transport its patrons to a world of intriguing experiences that blur the lines between myth and reality. Unique features include an elite club ‘Illuminati Society’ completely secured by a password-protected entry that paves the way to thrilling wall-to-wall 360-degree and 3D-mapped immersive spaces.

Gulf Business Awards 2022

23rd November 2022 – Gulf Business, Motivate Media Group’s business title, hosted the 10th edition of its annual awards ceremony, to laud business stalwarts and companies for their performance during the year.

The event, held at Central Park Towers, DIFC in Dubai, on November 23, welcomed over 250 industry leaders and business luminaries, to commemorate the region’s thriving economic ecosystem.

Living up to tradition, Gulf Business presented the Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as excellence accolades, while companies and individual leaders were recognised for their outstanding stewardship.

Obvious Technologies delivers multi-level bespoke solutions as the GCC region embraces digital transformation

10th October 2022 – With the GCC nations in a race, to deliver happiness to their citizens and residents through the digital transformation of government services, the growth of smart cities, and as the amount of big date grows exponentially across the region, one pioneering French security tech startup, Obvious Technologies, is up to the challenge, by providing its in-house developed cutting-edge customised solutions.

Part of the Neostone Group, Obvious Technologies specialises in developing and integrating cutting-edge command and control solutions for security and mission-critical operators by leveraging the power of digital twin, 3D data visualisation and advanced analytics capabilities, resulting in accelerated strategic and tactical decision-making.

For additional media information please visit our client page for Obvious Technology.

Gitex in Dubai: Cloudera enables businesses, government sectors in the UAE to become more data driven

10th October 2022 – Cloudera, the hybrid data cloud management platform, has been assisting Dubai’s digital journey, providing valuable insights to aid the city’s strategies become more data-driven.

For Cloudera, the UAE is not just an important market but it’s the flagship country across the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

As part of assisting Dubai’s digital transformation, Cloudera has been prioritising the idea of giving customers more attention driven by growing competition from other key markets. The company is also making sure that the use cases in the UAE are exported from the UAE to help us refine and develop better products.

For additional media information please visit our client page for Cloudera.

GITEX GLOBAL 2022: Shipsy Demonstrates The Impact of AI, ML & Automation

10th October 2022 – A leading logistics service provider in Saudi Arabia, a leading consumer goods retailer in the Middle East, a rapidly growing quick commerce delivery provider in Egypt, and numerous other global businesses in this region are leveraging Shipsy to deliver tangible business outcomes. These benefits are realized in terms of logistics cost savings, on-time deliveries, improved resource and capacity utilization, better customer satisfaction, and more.

Shipsy’s AI-powered platform helps retailers and eCommerce players to drive high levels of operational efficiencies. For instance, the solution ensures an 18% reduction in Return-To-Origin instances, shrinks mid-mile and last-mile costs by 12% and 23% respectively, increases vehicle capacity utilization by 31%, boosts deliveries per rider by 14%, increases on-time dispatch volumes by 28%, and helps scale delivery operations by quickly onboarding multiple 3PLs.

For additional media information please visit our client page for Shipsy.

Gitex Global: EPL champ Manchester City partners with Acronis to enhance cyber protection

10th October 2022 – The UAE is a regional hub for technology and innovation, which is attracting increased attention from cyber protection experts.

While brick-and-mortar businesses and eCommerce platforms worldwide and regionally have predominantly been targeted by cybercriminals, other entities like non-profit and sports organisations have also become prime targets for ransomware attacks due to the kind of data they generate and store.

For additional media information please visit our client page for Acronis.

3 Top KSA & UAE trends emerging in 2023: smart living, smart working, and factories’ automation

10th October 2022 – Smart working, aka hybrid working, is equally popular among employees and employers because it boosts productivity. Almost 70% of the UAE firms believe that failing to address their hybrid work procedures and strategies will result in employee turnover and an inability to recruit new talent.

We are moving a step further as a world and seeing the conversations around smart cities start at the same time. The linear city “The Line” in Saudi Arabia has been proposed with the objective of facilitating a perfect work-life balance for its residents.

For additional media information please visit our client page for Poly.


Hoo makes Middle East debut with Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

17th October 2021 – Hoo, the world’s leading blockchain assets service platform made its debut in the region at the Future Blockchain Summit. Founded in 2018 and after 3 years of development, Hoo Group’s business offering entails the entire blockchain ecosystem with over 2.4 million total users covering more than 120 countries and regions worldwide. It is currently more than a platform; it is also a comprehensive blockchain industry with an ecological infrastructure, technology research and development, industry research, and others to support the local growth of blockchain technology and applications.

The summit which is being held from October 17th to 20th, at the Dubai World Trade Center brings together the world’s top blockchain technology developers, innovative companies, and investors to showcase the changes that blockchain brings to the world.

For additional media information please visit our client page for Hoo.

GITEX 2021: Hundred aims to make life easier for thousands of consumers and merchants

17th October 2021 – Launched earlier this year, Hundred is the UAE’s leading personalised offers search engine – a smart digital platform that gives users easy access to available offers from local and international brands and bank cards at their fingertips.

President Nitin Agarwal calls it a ‘super aggregator app’ and is excited to showcase it to a larger global audience at the GITEX Technology Week.

Speaking to ITP.net, Agarwal said: “The key highlights of our participation are showcasing the main capabilities for our flagship consumer-facing, super aggregator app. It aggregates offers from banks, offer apps, loyalty apps and merchants, and displays these on one platform in an easy-to-understand format.

For additional media information please visit our client page for View Hundred.

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