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Safi Airways

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About Safi Airways

The airline Safi Airways (IATA-Code 4Q) was founded in 2006. Safi Airways is positioned to connect Afghanistan with the international business centers of the world and to establish a domestic Afghanistan airline service with the highest quality and safety standards. This private airline has its headquarters in Kabul/Afghanistan and an administrative office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The executive team of Safi Airways is made up of seasoned European airline Executives from Germany and Belgium. The Cockpit Crews are well-seasoned European and US pilots.

As the first airline in the history of Afghan aviation, Safi Airways has been reorganized to satisfy the strict ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization, a UN organization based in Montreal, Canada) rules for a scheduled airline. In an audit by ICAO inspectors of all Afghan airlines, Safi Airways has been certificated as the only Afghan airline which is ICAO compliant. 


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