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iPilot lands in Dubai Mall for residents and tourists to take off

For all those who love to fly or have always wondered how it feels being inside a cockpit, here’s good news! The world’s leading affordable flight simulator iPilot is sure to make your dream come true.

iPilot, the UAE’s first affordable flight simulator is located in a highly convenient venue – Dubai Mall next to Sega Republic is sure to thrill the consumers when they take control of a Boeing 737-800 airliner. The Boeing can take off and land at any of the 24000 airports worldwide, all without leaving the mall. The state-of-the-art iPilot simulator is a truly authentic flying experience and it’s not a video game, as you’ll realise when you step inside the fully enclosed realistic cockpit. It is complete with video screens that recreate the spectacular airborne views of real flight paths.

Each and every iPilot session comes complete with a highly qualified professional instructor who will accompany you into the cockpit. From Bogota to Brisbane and JFK to Charles de Gaulle, your co-pilot will skillfully guide you through your chosen destination to help you get the most out of your flying session.

“Dubai is a great place for us to be bringing our accessible and affordable flight simulator experience, irrespective of the clients’ lifestyle or level of experience,” said Wolfram Schleuter, founder and CEO of iPilot. “Its location in Dubai Mall will give an extra dose of excitement to the visitors during their routine mall visit to taste the adrenaline of flying a big jet!”


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