Media Relations

Media Relations

Over more than 2 decades, we have cultivated strong relationships with the media in the region.  Knowing which subjects and topics are covered by specific journalists/publications is needed to understand how to and where to position a brand in order to reach the right target audience.

We are proud to say that our media relations across all platforms are immaculate and we are able to leverage quality media coverage for our clients. We engage editors around stories that build long-term recall, long-lasting relationships and thus break through the media muddle.

What is included in Media Relations?

  • The role of media relations is to educate the media on your business so that they, in turn, find something of interest or value to share with their audience.
  • At Matrix PR, we use our public relations skills along with resourcefulness and hard work to build trust, reputation, and loyalty for your brand.
  • We believe that it is one of the key elements in Public Relations.  Being good at it is what keeps our clients at the top of the game.
  • Solid media relations is fundamental for any company seeking to increase its visibility in the media.
  • We have cultivated strong relationships with media, from editors and reporters in print, and online outlets, presenters within TV industry, RJ’s and bloggers.
  • Over the years we have instilled that trust in our media partners who know that they can count on us to provide them with credible stories that are relevant to the region.
  • Matrix PR has a reputation for delivering successful campaigns, spreading our clients’ key messages and boosting their brand awareness to the general public and target audience through our positive and strong relations with key media.