What To Expect From A Brand Ambassador

The last time someone recommended a product or restaurant, did you check it out? Why? The reason you followed up on it or not was due to the relationship you had with the person. Was it not because of the influence of the Brand Ambassador?     You might have considered whether they had your best interest at heart before taking their advice.  Consumers act depending on the quality of…

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Young adult
Being Gen Z: a-blessing-and-a-curse

The future of communication through the eyes of young adults   Contradiction, antinomy, opposition, inconsistency, incongruence, nonsense, paradox. Are seven the nouns and words that, in my opinion, best describe generation Z. It is easy to say that the number seven is magical and mysterious; seven, in fact, is happy and lucky, but can also be skeptical and cynical. Therefore, it is not entirely accidental that it is evident everywhere.…

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The power of a brand story

We can help you build yours  From where you are sitting, do you feel like you’ve utilized all the best marketing strategies available? Yet, still feel that you are not quite there – like there is something missing? If yes, it could well be that a signature brand story is the answer. Many brands haven’t realized the importance of building their growth strategy foundation upon brand storytelling. Unfortunately, their failure…

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guest blogger
Showcase your expertise and see your brand awareness grow

Brand awareness refers to the degree of consumer recognition a brand has. Brand awareness is what helps a business to grow. Your target audience needs to know and trust your brand, that is the only way your brand’s awareness will grow, increasing your customer base and sales. To increase your brand awareness, you need to show your expertise in action; but how do you do that? You can do it…

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How Influencer Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand

When used as a marketing tool, social media and influencer marketing can be a powerful tool. With posts being shared every second, the interaction is vibrant and can be leveraged to build brands. Social media influencers have taken up the role of public relations executives in today medial. Well, almost. Through influencer marketing, they have been able to build brands from scratch as well as maintaining the momentum for brands…

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self love
Love thyself, invest in YOU

We live in times where it isn’t just normal but essential to spend time, energy, and love thyself to become the best version of yourself. A volatile economy, changes in lifestyle, unsteady career graphs, and the uncertainties that loom large are beckoning you to pause, shift focus, and put the spotlight on YOU. Practicing self-love can come across as being selfish bit it is in fact recommended by professionals as…

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influencer marketing
Working With Influencers Is Not Easy: This Is Why You Need An Agency

  Influencer marketing continues to be a growing industry. Working with influencers will surely boost your brand. Eighty-two percent of buyers tend to follow the recommendations of an influencer as they consider them knowledgeable, credible, and better at explaining products. However, in an age when influencer marketing is outdoing brand content, 61 percent of marketers have problems identifying the right influencers for their brands. They don’t know how to get…

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new year's resolution
Is 2021 the year to reset our mindset? Let’s start by re-calibrating our attitude

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen. 2021 is finally here and we can’t wait to put 2020 behind us. Last year will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to the global health pandemic that brought economies of the world over to a near standstill. Organizations, most of whom were not prepared for a crisis of such magnitude and now understand the reasons why they should hire an…

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Are You Getting Maximum Mileage from LinkedIn? Here Are 5 Handy Tips

73% of marketers believe that social media has been ‘somewhat effective’ for their business (Buffer, 2019). With over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide and an average user spending about three hours a day on social networks, using this platform to push your brand can be profitable, more so if you take to a professional social platform like LinkedIn. LinkedIn, founded in 2002, is not just a social networking platform,…

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