Internal Communication


Internal Communications – The key to running thriving businesses

Industry research suggests that at least 80% of the workforce would like to be informed and updated about company strategy. Effective communication with employees can heighten productivity levels, build better employer-employee relationships and even create and nurture loyal brand ambassadors within the organization, during the journey.

A change in workforce demographics has brought about a paradigm shift in the way today’s employees think, listen and talk. The newer professionals are astute and they demand transparency in the organization and ongoing feedback from the management.

At Matrix we have always believed in adapting to changing times and have therefore embraced a modern and positive outlook in building communication tools that’ll help your organization succeed in a new environment. Marrying the traditional ethos behind the need for internal communication with the best and modern practices; we develop programs that can be applied across industry laterals.

We get the message across to various internal stakeholders using methods such as newsletters, magazines, infographics, presentations, workshops and intranet platforms; which in turn yield fantastic results in productivity and a quicker journey towards implementing company strategy and achieving its vision and goals.

We have the resources and expertise to set up and manage internal communication channels including training and workshops for various levels of management on how to leverage such communications to create a stronger network of staff, all working towards a common goal.

Evolving the ways of internal communications, Matrix assists you by capitalizing on resources and work around best practices to limit rumours and encourage transparency.


Our Internal Communication solutions include

  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Values and Culture
  • Key Messages
  • Brand Positioning
  • Internal Brand Advocacy
  • Training Workshops
  • Change Management
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Employee Engagement
  • Reward Recognition Communications
  • Internal Events
  • Internal Communication Channels

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