Your Facebook posts are not being shared. This is why!

Your Facebook posts are not being shared. This is why!

Social media does a lot more than connect old friends, keep up with current friends or help you meet new ones.  Today your Facebook newsfeed keeps you updated on your favourite brands and what is happening in the world around you.

Brands are tripping over each other reaching for those scarce ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘retweets’, ‘click-throughs’ and the precious one of them all….. wait for it…. ‘Shares’!

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Facebook ‘shares’, especially, are so valuable to a brand mainly because they boost the engagement rates significantly as well as it widen the exposure. Some will argue, “but we have so many likes on our page…”


Likes are okay to a certain extent but did you know that 90 percent of the people who like your brand’s Facebook page actually never go back to the page? Why? Because most of your posts are seen on the Newsfeed of your fans, not your page and on average only 16 percent of your followers get to see your posts.


So, why are your Facebook posts not being shared? Here’s why:


Not enough eyeballs:

It really doesn’t do much if you have excellent content but you have no one to see it then share it. The only logical thing you’ll need to do is work on growing ‘Likes’ for your page first at least until you have a sizable follower base for your content.


You are reaching out to the wrong group:

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There’s nothing as bad as not targeting the right audience while promoting your content. Regardless of how great your content is, if it’s being seen by the wrong people it will not be shared. First get your demographics right and zero in on the right target audience and this way you will increase the chances of getting your fans to interact and share your posts.


Your content is not interesting:

Here is a deal breaker. Boring posts are more likely to get you more unlikes than likes. You need to do a bit of research and find out what kind of content resonates with your target audience. Posts with high engagement will get more views and shares.


Wrong timing:

right timing

While there may be no perfect time for posting, knowing when is the time your followers are most active increase the chances of Facebook shares. Use your Facebook page Insights to find out about it.


Too many posts:

Facebook is not like TV or radio. While these two mediums thrive on the frequency of the ads, it’s not the same for social media – at least to some extent. Although, there’s no specific frequency for posting you can experiment and find what works best for your target audience. Try and find a balance between being informative and annoying.


Do you know of any other reasons? Do share with them with us.