Why we use the AMEC framework to measure the impact of our work

Why we use the AMEC framework to measure the impact of our work

According to the world-famous scientist Galileo Galilei, we should “Measure the measurable and make the unmeasurable measurable“.

In the world today, the importance of measurement cannot be overstated.

AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) held its first Measurement Week in September 2014 with the purpose of educating communications and PR professionals on the latest best practices for measuring the effectiveness of communications and reputation campaigns. AMEC is a global trade association and professional body for agencies and practitioners providing media assessment and communications research.

“The ‘HOW’ of PR measurement has long been established. What is lacking is the widespread acceptance of these techniques. This failure undermines public relations as a business field. AMEC’s ​​Measurement Week was created to fill this gap.

By measuring the results of PR activity, PR professionals and their clients can assess the success and value of their work. As PR has evolved over the years and PR professionals have started working across all types of media, the demand for sophisticated and truly integrated methods of measuring communication has grown.

At a PR Agency, we use an Integrated Evaluation Framework to track and hold accountable the work we do for our clients.

PR Measurement



A tool that guides users on a clear measurement journey, from planning and setting goals, to executing strategies, to measuring and evaluating results. It offers a consistent approach suitable for organizations of all sizes and can be tailored to specific cases, clients and goals. Launched in 2017, the framework provides a standardized, integrated approach to measurement for professionals across the PR industry.



AMEC has not only defined the key steps to a successful measurement, but has also developed this concept into a free, interactive tool that guides users through each step of their evaluation journey. This allows practitioners to mark their activities as paid, earned, shared or owned, noting how viewers were exposed to each activity and the resulting consequences and consequences. Once content is submitted to our integrated evaluation framework, it can be converted to PDF and presented to clients as proof of PR benefits.


Why it is important

  • Following the AMEC framework creates industry-wide standardization in PR measurement.
  • It is also accepted as a legitimate way of presenting PR results to clients to prove the value of our work. The old method of measuring the usefulness of media coverage by equating it with advertising space is now widely viewed as arbitrary and archaic. The integrated assessment frameworks avoid using AVE in its methodology.
  • Each customer has a different reason for using PR, whether it’s to increase sales, raise awareness, or solve reputational issues. Similarly, PR people, both agency and in-house, have a unique opportunity to help clients achieve their goals. At the same time, the AMEC framework is both adaptable to individual cases and versatile for measuring the success of PR efforts.


There is no better time to change the acceptable international standards than when clients ask for justification for their PR budgets every day.