Why Diversity and Inclusion matter; a PR perspective

Why Diversity and Inclusion matter; a PR perspective

When corporates enact change and embrace practices that deliver business values and innovative results; they may outperform. Diverse and inclusive workplaces are reaping the benefits by nurturing the best talent, increasing employee engagement, and thus improving customer interest. In recent years, D&I tops the HR interests list across industry laterals.

A Gartner survey mapped more than 500 human resources leaders across 60 countries and all major industries to identify HR trends and assess HR priorities to list challenges for 2022. It isn’t surprising that building critical skills and competencies tops the list of HR interests. Yet, many HR leaders will also prioritize change management, leadership, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. So, how is this more pertinent to the PR industry?


Creativity & Performance:

Across industry laterals, the presence of physical diversity results in better performance. For the PR industry, where companies are abuzz with creativity, meticulous planning, and seamless administration, better performance is extremely motivating. Greater diversity amounts to greater profitability and value-creation. Not to mention, this diversity is inclusive of gender and ethnicity.


D&I workplace:

It may be interesting to know that companies that lack diversity are being pointed at, publicly. This opens the possible channels for losing out on potential business. It may even face difficulties while trying to recruit new talent. The PR industry is a people’s industry and such stark differentiation will hamper its reputation of being people-centric.


An investment of repute:

The PR industry understands ‘reputation’ like no other. Major drivers of D&I strategies are financial performance, client engagement, government compliance, and rise in stakes; and it makes for a favorable repute to tick them all to become a preferred PR partner for various services.


Keep corporate conversations abuzz:

While being on a constant tryst to develop relevant talk-points for clients, the PR industry in itself needs to be an interesting topic of corporate conversations. D&I is an extremely relevant and talk of the industry topic to be shared as internal communication as well as with stakeholders. Contributing articles, inviting content to feature on relevant platforms is an encouraging thought-leadership initiative to retain a positive impression.

Creating a culture in the PR industry that prioritizes diversity and inclusion will not take time given the nature and scope of work.  It is just yet to become a communicator that can help its progress along by keeping it a part of the PR corporate conversation.