Leveraging traditional PR to reclaim the tiara for Vatika Natural Hair Care


The Case

Vatika, a leading natural hair care brand, wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors, carve a niche for its products as well as position itself as the go-to natural hair care expert.



Based on the brand’s brief, we were able to establish the following four objectives that stood out from a business and communication standpoint

To jumpstart the brand’s recovery journey using a tactical media outreach strategy and own the natural hair care conversation

To rise above the noise by highlighting the brand’s unique qualities using third-party endorsements – influencers

Use the brand’s USP to appeal to potential customers with their customised product offerings including the use of natural ingredients

Use sampling exercises to give the target media an opportunity to experience the products


  • Road to recovery: Global beauty and personal care industry was recovering from an estimated 20-30% decline, according to McKinsey & Company

  • Flooded market: Multiple players in the beauty and haircare market in the region made it difficult for serious brands to penetrate

  • Brand loyalty: Reluctance of the target audience, Arab youth, in particular, to experiment with traditional beauty brands during the pandemic

  • Low media engagement: Restrictions in terms of media interactions for a touch and feel


Rise of a DIY trend: Most consumers had to stop their routine salon treatments and appointments due to the pandemic. Thus, consumers learned to tend to their own hair resulting in the rise of the do-it-yourself (DIY) trend.

Rising demand for organic hair care products due to rising consumer awareness about the harmful effects of certain compounds

Zoom calls lead to increased focus on hair

There was an urgent need to provide the consumer with the right information on natural hair care at the time due to the proliferation of beauty products that were not safe



Our strategy was to help retell the story of a traditional beauty brand adapting to the new consumer environment and mindset. This was based on 3 Key pillars:

  • EDUCATE: Generate a series of industry articles delving into hair trends and establishing Vatika as a key expert in the hair care industry

  • EXPERIENCE: Customized campaigns & events to highlight different product categories and conduct a sampling exercise to give the media a first-hand experience of Vatika products

  • ECHO: Reiterate the brand messages through creative media alerts and pitches, and support the media with their stories plugging in the brand’s messages




    • Media-centric approach
    • 5 press releases


    • Multiple campaigns such as ‘Blending Rituals’, ‘Vatika Voices’, ‘Kandura Rally’, and ‘Father’s Day Campaign’
    • Sampling exercises


    • Influencer marketing
    • Crafted 8 exclusive articles
    • Disseminated weekly media alerts



Media reach

Estimated reach of 1,799,142 through print media placements


Increased impressions and viewership to 10,906,202 through digital media placements

Social media

Increase social media impressions through influencer collabs – 54,363 total likes and over 3K comments

Market share

Increase in YTD Volume Market Share for Vatika

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