Tips on working remotely to keep productivity ticking

Tips on working remotely to keep productivity ticking

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The show must go on. 

Telecommuting or working from home is the buzzword these days for more reasons than one. For some, it is the situational demand to work in social isolation and for others, it is the cherry-picked way of being productive. This can also be a necessity in the present COVID-19 crisis. For all its worth, remote working is catching on. Firstly, not having to commute saves you time, money and energy. Secondly, it’s the ease of being whether you choose to work in your pyjamas or wear a suit and look the part in a professional environment. It’s all up to you. And last but not the least, it helps achieve greater work-life balance. However, if you do not think this through properly you could be in for a disappointment.

Embrace these work from home tips and practices to optimize your productivity-

Create a home office space:

create home office space

Right from setting up office hours to having a dedicated work station; if you power your work-from-home environment with few committed features like that of a full-time office, it’ll help to keep your mindset sharp and focussed. Self-discipline plays an important role if working remotely is to be effective.

Get organized to stay focused:

Try and steer clear of domestic responsibilities like cooking, laundry, and cleaning during work hours. Establish a schedule and stick to it.

Use the Google Calendar to remind you of events, tasks, and meetings. This will enable you to shift gears to get things accomplished.

Limit social media browsing:

Given our exposure and weakness for social media, it’s only a wonder that we actually get things done for ourselves. As if periodically peeping into your walls, handles and stories weren’t enough, we get distracted by the constant beeps. To limit these, try turning on the mute button for all notifications. Also, designating a social media time at reasonable intervals will keep your temptations at bay.

Set goals, commit to doing more:

set goals and commit to doing more

Assignments tend to take longer to complete in remote working spaces. Set yourself daily goals by checking the ‘to-do’ list. Commit yourself to doing more and remain focussed. Keep encouraging yourself constantly and plan ahead of time. This way you will achieve more.

Work when you are most productive:

Each of us has a productive ’prime time’ in the 24 hours we have each day. Recognize your receding tide and try and get things done when you are at your upbeat best. It could be the early morning hours until breakfast that can motivate you to finish off strategy-driven tasks while the more research-oriented assignments can be aligned for completion after a lunch break. Whatever works best, identify your headspace and monitor your mood meter and time your work accordingly.

Some work from home under special circumstances, some do it more frequently while some may opt for this permanently. It sure isn’t for everyone but can be done successfully with the help of these useful tips.