The best tips to make your podcast more popular

The best tips to make your podcast more popular

Podcasts represent an amazing tool to create distinctive bonds with your target audience. You should exert a lot of effort, time, and resources to make your podcast as popular as possible.

You should consider several important factors while working on increasing the listeners of your podcast. Think of several creative ways to enable listeners to know about your podcast. Use the best and most suitable promotional strategies and understand the activities you should regularly do to enhance your podcast and increase its popularity. The below tips would never go wrong to support you in your quest.

Publish at the right time

The timing of publishing your episodes is a crucial element in achieving success. If you are a beginner, it would be useful to watch other similar podcasts, monitor the timing of their publishing, and follow the same timing patterns.

Another crucial element is to analyze your podcasts and identify the times when users listen to your episodes. If you find that listenership is high at certain times then you should begin publishing new episodes at these times. You will soon find out if this is a trend to follow.

It usually takes up to a few months to see considerable results of the efforts you exert in your podcasts. You should persist in publishing the highest quality of episodes to attract the largest audience.

Publish your episodes on YouTube

A vital element of fruitful marketing campaigns, for podcasts and any other product or services, is to be available in as many places as possible.

If you publish your episodes on your podcast, and at the same time post your content over YouTube, this would largely expand your exposure and increase your podcast’s popularity.

It’s easy to post your episodes over YouTube. First, you need to convert them into MP4 format, add your logo, and then simply upload it to YouTube. You should also have links leading users to your website or podcast under the video in YouTube.

Promotion over various social media platforms

As every single business is taking advantage of social media, podcasts should benefit to the maximum from various social media platforms. Post your episodes over as many social media platforms as possible. The choices include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Make your episodes as interesting as possible to grab the attention of social media users and encourage them to share your posts. You should include important information and advice that inspire users to share them. You can also benefit from a perfectly tailored paid Ads campaign over social media.

Customize your episodes’ content differently to suit every social media platform. Instagram, for example, requires a catchy picture. Use Twitter to announce a new episode in the form of a short post. All the exposure over social media would be reflected in your podcast.

Participate as a guest in other podcasts

It is wonderful to present your podcast through participating as a guest in other podcasts. Users who are interested in other podcasts with similar topics represent your most important target audience.

It works the other way around as well! Host guests who own other podcasts. You can also have regular interviews with the guests that have the highest levels of listening.

Increase mentioning of your podcast

This strategy actually works for any type of digital media campaigns. You can begin by mentioning a famous brand that would simply mention you back over various social media platforms.

When you mention a brand or a famous figure in your episodes, you should contact them afterwards. Send them quotes where you mentioned them and ask them if they would do the same for you; mention your podcast over their accounts.

Giveaways play an important role

If you are willing to spend some money to increase the popularity of your podcasts, it’s great to offer free giveaways or discounts on various products or services. All users love free prizes, even if they are small or simple. Provide giveaways or prizes to users who write a positive review of your podcast on iTunes for example.

Another brilliant idea is to ask users to share the best episodes, according to their point of view, over their accounts on social media. Users should use a certain hashtag for a fixed period like one month. This will give them the opportunity to win free prizes. At the end of the month, announce the winners who shared your content the most. This strategy works like magic!