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Matrix PR dials it right for Tecno Mobile UAE launch of Camon CM


The Case

Tecno Mobile needed to make its presence felt in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - a vibrant but highly competitive smartphone market.

UAE was a strategic market for Tecno owing to its consumers’ growing demand for smart devices.

The launch of Tecno’s newest device Tecno Camon CM. Its flagship frameless smartphone was the ideal platform to grab the attention of our target audiences.



Build a bond between the media and Tecno mobiles

Craft a unique identity for Tecno in one of the most competitive smartphone markets in the region - the UAE

Position Tecno as a pioneer in the frameless smartphone category

Target multiple audiences through multiple media and publications


  • Too many players in the smartphone market

  • Most media had no knowledge about Tecno

  • Creating a distinct identity in the audience’s minds about another smartphone


There was no separate category for frameless mobile phone screens

There was a market for an economical mobile phone in the region, especially with the audiences from the Indian subcontinent

They were also the technology partners for Manchester City Football Club

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Since the UAE consumer and the media were already overwhelmed with messages from other brands, the agency needed an effective communication strategy to rise above the noise and reach the target audience.

The strategy included:

Get the media to experience the brand first-hand to test its flagship features like the frameless screen

Link the Tecno brand with Jumbo Electronics and highlight its strong distribution network

Generate creative media reviews through journalists and influencers to enhance the brand image

Associate the brand with Manchester City Football Club with had a huge following in the region

  • Media Experience

  • Associations with Man City & Jumbo

  • Creative Reviews

Execution & Tactics


Media Experience

  • Every media was given a first-hand experience and were given the Tecno mobiles to experience the brand. Media from the subcontinent including the regional language media were given access and content in their own languages.


  • The association with Manchester City and Jumbo Electronics was highlighted and the focus on the frameless category helped gain a distinct identity.

Creative Reviews

  • The agency tapped popular influencers and media who engaged with the new phone extensively and tried out its new features. Creative reviews including ones in the form of songs and lyrics gave the brand a lot of buzz.




The campaign generated over 1 million impressions and resonated extremely well with the UAE target audiences


Over 40 English, Arabia and South Indian media attended the event and engaged with the brand and spokespersons


The brand and the new model got good reviews including creative ones such as a song sequence.


The link to Manchester City was strong in the region and reflected in subsequent campaigns including the Abu Dhabi Cup

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