Successful Women Empowerment Campaigns

Successful Women Empowerment Campaigns

Over the past 2 decades, the world has seen some changes, especially in the public relations industry due to the vital role of social media in the way that brands connect with their customers. Yet, only one thing hasn’t changed… which is the continued support of women empowerment around the world.

Today, I wanted to showcase those brands that have worked hard on their women empowerment campaigns and conveyed the message that is needed to reach the audience by supporting women no matter where they come from, how they look, etc…


1) Adidas

Indeed, Adidas always support women empowerment. In fact, the campaigns they are creating show that all their products can be used by women of different sizes.

“Watch us move” Campaign: Link



I am powerful…

and Strong…

I am able to be exactly who i am…

This campaign created by an agency (TBWA/NEBOKO Amsterdam)  was fully led by 95% women.

It promotes the #Formotion​ collection of apparel, and designed for women to allow for freedom of movement. It cater for the fact that women’s bodies are each unique.


“Impossible is Nothing” Campaign: Link

This campaign shares the stories of women who made their impossible possible. It drives this by inspiring other women/girls to do the same.

Adidas wanted to create a real & lasting change for women in sport, by launching new women-focused innovations and supporting emerging athletes. As well, as shed the light on women who are breaking down barriers in sport.

The commitment, launched alongside the latest chapter in the brand’s Impossible Is Nothing campaign, sees three key focuses:

  • Products:

2022 sees major investment in women-focused product innovation to recognize and meet the specific needs of women in sport.

In December, the brand introduced Ultraboost 22, built to address differences between male and female instep height, heel anatomy and gait cycle trends.

  • People:

Adidas is a proud, long-term partner of some of the best athletes, teams, and creators in the world. In fact, this season they will celebrate them with the most significant sport events such as: tennis grand slams, basketball tournaments, winter sports, and many more!

  • Programs:

Launching more programs that focus on encouraging and keeping women and girls interested in the field of sport. Furthermore, it help drive gender equity for 50,000 girls.


2) Benefit Link

Benefit wanted to support UAE women facing Adversity. They actually did it! By collaborating with Al Jalila Foundation.

women empowerment

Accordingly, the 100% sales of the brow wax and the “Bold is Beautiful” tweezer tool will go to the Dubai-based charity.

Moreover, the campaign actually launched first globally in 2015. And it has now reached UAE. It still wanting to extend across the Middle East.


3) Dove Link

From our own personal experience we have seen certain women who have low self-esteem and hence have a poor opinion of themselves.

Dove wanted to change this perception by creating the “Real Beauty” Campaign as they highlighted this issue and showed in the campaign how women look at themselves vs how others look at them by producing realistic portraits.

dove Link

This video was created in 2015. But, the huge message behind it gave me the feel to speak about it again.

Fan Page is a newspaper in Italy. They wanted to highlight the absurdity of violence against women. So as an experiment they made young boys stand in front of a young girl and asked to make her laugh or say what they like about her.

In the end, they asked the boys to slap the girls. Their reaction was really powerful.

  • You’re not supposed to hit girls
  • I don’t want to hurt her
  • Jesus doesn’t want us to hit others
  • Cause I’m a man!

All those campaigns have really created this powerful message that women are strong. They shouldn’t be treated in a bad way. And that, no matter how they look or where they come from, they all can do the impossible!