Steve Madden

Steve Madden

Building a brand through strategic positioning in a crowded market


The Case

Steve Madden operates in a market flooded with international fashion brands trying to expand their market share. As a result, the consumer is left confused, faced with myriad choices.

Steve Madden saw an opportunity to be a consumer-first business that helps them cut through the clutter. They found a way to boost their product visibility by increasing media coverage and product placement opportunities.



To increase the visibility of the Steve Madden brand by strategically positioning it as a top international fashion brand in the region. Our messaging needed to keep customers in the know while ensuring the Steve Madden brand became the go-to place for fashion. Matrix PR was tasked with the following communication objectives:

To make the high street brand stand out in a crowd of competitors

To enhance the image of the brand in the region through consistent and sustained PR efforts

To create top brand recall amongst the target media in the region to gain preference over other brands

To create goodwill for the brand amongst target media and audience


  • The region is home to many international fashion brands all competing to expand their market share

  • Other popular international brands launching collections at the same time

  • Overcrowded market offering

  • Brand differentiation


UAE fashionistas and consumers in general have a strong liking for international fashion brands.

This is mainly because they perceive these brands to be of superior quality than homegrown products.

With the region attracting top international fashion brands, the consumer can get a bit confused on which brand to pick.

It is therefore crucial for a brand to differentiate itself from the pack by boosting its visibility in the market through positive and regular media coverage.



With clear set objectives, the agency formulated a strategy that would position Steve Madden as one of the preferred international fashion brands in the region.

Using the media opportunities available, the agency's priority was to ensure the brand's activities such as new store openings and season collection unveiling got favourable coverage in key media.

The agency identified key sections of the media for product placements in order to ensure top-of-mind brand recall.

The agency also arranged and coordinated press days and collaborations to give the media an opportunity to interact with the brand.

  • Ensure media coverage

  • Product placement

  • Media Relations

Execution & Tactics


Media Relations

    • Arranged and coordinated press tours in selected outlets to give the media an opportunity to closely interact with the brand and get first hand knowledge of its attributes.
    • Distributed weekly media alerts and bi-monthly press notes to highlight new products, sales, and promotions


    • Coordinated all new store openings and collection unveiling and invited key media to cover the events.

Brand Visibility

    • Ensured product placement in key English and Pan Arab publications
    • Identified photo shoot opportunities in key titles to ensure the brand image was upheld
    • Coordinated competitions and giveaways



Since its appointment, the agency has successfully managed to secure regular coverage for the brand through sustained and focused PR activities and product placement opportunities thereby creating top brand recall and building a positive image of the brand amongst the target media and audience

Media Participation

Impressive media attendance resulting in positive reviews of new outlet launches and season collection unveiling

Brand Visibility

Enhanced brand presence in the region and top brand recall

Media Reviews

Secure media interviews during and after the store opening and season collection launch events


Placements across all the Tier 1 English and Arabic titles including Pan Arab publications on a regular basis

The results

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