How StayWell crafted an image as the fastest-growing hospitality group in the region


The Case

Matrix PR used ‘credibility’ and ‘visibility’ to help StayWell Group build an image of being among the region’s fastest-expanding Hotel Chains.



In order to generate brand awareness while also keeping the pandemic situation in mind, we highlighted the following objectives:

Create the right buzz for StayWell

Build credibility through their expansion plan

Position the brand as a thought leader in the hospitality industry


  • Almost no media visibility in the region

  • Awareness of the facilities and experience was negligible


Our research indicated that the number of tourist arrivals in Egypt in 2020 dropped from 13 million to 3.7 million due to travel restrictions

The main purpose for visits included religious tourism, recreational tourism, medical tourism, desert tourism, eco tourism, and sea activities

Sharm El Sheikh is the hotspot for tourists, which attracts millions of visitors every year

The 4 essential features were: Customer solution, Cost, Convenience, and Communication



To build the brand in the region the agency decided to focus on the following 7 core elements that, when combined, would make for a compelling story:

The Story, The People, The Space, The Identity, The Services, The Content, and The Channels

  • TELL THE STORY: Highlight the distinctive points of differentiation including the story of Park Proxi, the design, background of StayWell & the spokesperson

  • REGIONAL RELEVANCE: Create exclusive articles on trending topics in the region, with industry related stories for lifestyle and hospitality media

  • PRIME POSITIONING: Raise brand awareness by creating valid brand placement opportunities while keeping the media up to date with alerts for hotel deals



Industry story

    • Industry story participation with timely comments

Comments and articles

    • Proactively sending out comments and articles to the media on trending topics

Media Alerts

    • Media Alerts for Hotel deals



Online Searches

100% increase in online searches for StayWell Group & 300% increase in online searches for Park Proxi


35% increase in business in the last 3 months over previous quarter

Brand awareness

Brand awareness within GCC grew by 157%

Media coverage

The StayWell campaign was featured by over a 100 different media

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