Showcase your expertise and see your brand awareness grow

Showcase your expertise and see your brand awareness grow

Brand awareness refers to the degree of consumer recognition a brand has. Brand awareness is what helps a business to grow.

Your target audience needs to know and trust your brand, that is the only way your brand’s awareness will grow, increasing your customer base and sales.

To increase your brand awareness, you need to show your expertise in action; but how do you do that?

You can do it through advertising, using both old and new ways to ensure recall for your brand.

There are several ways that you can use to show your expertise and grow your brand awareness. These include:

  1. Social Media

You can find different ways to show your expertise on free social media sites including sharing blog posts, pictures, and videos, and even interacting with your customers. Answer their questions and listen to their suggestions. If you have no time for all these activities, you can also use social media automation to your benefit.

  1. Use influencers

Influencers are a popular tactic that’s being used to boost visibility for brands. Get a few influencers that are relevant to your niche and let them promote your products for you.

Look for micro-influencers who can also reach different markets to make sure you widen your reach.

  1. Become a guest blogger/partner with another business

guest blogger

It might not be enough to share your content on the same blog every day. You should consider partnering with different bloggers. You can do a guest post on these blogs or submit articles for publishing.

Guest posting, or guest blogging, gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise on a given subject to a wider audience. This allows you to create your name in these new markets.

If your brand is more physical, you can decide to partner with another business. You can find one that has the same audience as you, as long as they are not a competitor, and use their platform.

For example, a coffee shop can partner with a bookshop to tap into each other’s audience.

  1. Host an event

Holding a live event is also another way to showcase your expertise. This will give you a good opportunity to share valuable insights and experiences that your audience can benefit from. It also provides you with an opportunity to interact directly with your target audience and answer their questions thereby positioning you and your brand favourably in the market.

  1. Use public relations

Working with  PR practitioners or agencies could also help you showcase your expertise. PR professionals can secure media interviews or even event appearances where you can speak as an expert.

  1. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps you to find a higher placement of your content in search engine results. The coveted first page is a dream come true for every digital marketer. This is because it offers you higher visibility and directs more traffic to your site.

Dig deep to find ways you can use SEO to show your products or services and increase your brand’s awareness.

Showcasing your expertise is an effective tactic for growing your overall brand awareness, especially in a crowded market. People respond better to experts and that tends to also attract them to their business.

Practice the art of showcasing your expertise using the above tips and help your brand to grow even bigger.