SHOEMART Back-to-School Event


How a successful Back-To-School PR campaign contributed to a 578% increase in sales


The Case

Housed under the umbrella of the Landmark Group, Shoe Mart is one of the largest footwear and accessories retail chains in the GCC region.

The annual “Back to School” campaign is one of the most important events on the ShoeMart PR calendar.

Each year the agency highlights the brand’s proposition through key placements in the media for this particular campaign.



POSITION ShoeMart as the go-to brand for comfortable, stylish, practical Back to School shoe fashion.

INCREASE web traffic by 10% and e-commerce sales by 100%.

Quickly, effectively and economically RAISE AWARENESS of the new collection.

Enhance social media ENGAGEMENT with mothers.


  • Brand Differentiation

  • Competitors

  • Buyer Behavior


Research for the project included results of a YouGov survey done in the region on Back To School purchases in the previous year.

In the UAE, The majority of parents delayed major school purchases with over two-thirds (68%) claiming they made their purchases in the month leading up to school, while 40% claimed they actually only shopped a couple of weeks prior to the school start date.

14% of parents relied on referrals from other parents/friends on what is good to purchase or have a preferred store they are loyal to.

Research for this survey was conducted online among 507 parents with children at school in the UAE



Our target was mothers who would look for comfort, design and a value for their money through the purchase.

This year our aim was to ride on the range of characters on offer through the back to school range.

Our target was mothers who would look for comfort, design and a value for her money through the purchase.

Bring the ‘look and feel’ and Shoemart’s tone of voice directly to ‘mothers’ in a memorable manner!

Grab media and influencers interest with strong content.

  • Awareness

  • Interest

  • Desire




  • The campaign included running 6 key competition in kids titles in the region

Blogger Collaboration

  • Dubai our Sandbox was our first choice for a mom blogger/ parenting blog representation for the back-to-school period as she has two kids (one in school and the other in nursery).


  • Given that editorial plays a key role in raising credibility, building awareness and trust, reaching out to the maximum number of media during this period was of absolute essence to garner mileage.



Blogger Collaboration

Generated nearly 3,000 comments on the social media posts, and over 9,300 shares on Facebook post competition

Media Relations

58 Clippings in Tier 1 media and key fashion portals


ShoeMart witnessed an increase of 578% sales growth from the same period the previous year

Social Media

A 34% increase on website hits in comparison to the same period the previous year. The campaign helped generate 2,756 Instagram followers and 40,375 Facebook interactions on ShoeMart social media platforms and 13,507 additional Facebook fans were gained throughout the contest.

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