Communication tactics that strengthen a brand’s profile and position it as a key player in the industry


The Case

In 2007, SAXO Bank was a new entrant in the GCC financial services space that needed to establish itself as a formidable player.

The media had developed relationships with the established players and were constantly receiving information from these institutions.

SAXO Bank needed to penetrate the market and position themselves as a reliable and credible financial expert and partner.

Now SAXO Bank has established itself as a financial powerhouse in the region.



Matrix needed to increase awareness about SAXO bank with the media and amongst its target audiences. We also needed to raise awareness about the bank and its entry into the GCC market. Our PR strategy needed to improve SAXO’s media relations and position them as a reliable source of financial news and information.


Awareness across the GCC

Participation in industry events

Media Relations


  • In 2007 the brand was a new entrant into the regional financial services sector

  • The media heavily relied on their own financial services sources

  • Unknown by the business media

  • Zero experience in the GCC


Region filled with experienced financial services providers.

The media had developed relationships with the established players and were constantly receiving information from these institutions.

However there was an opportunity for SAXO BANK to penetrate the market and establish itself as a formidable player in the local financial services scene.



The agency supported the bank’s communications objectives by formulating and executing a PR strategy, which set out to position the institution as an expert in regional and global financial matters.

Buy-in and support from the media was crucial in boosting the bank’s expertise. The campaign exploited avenues which positioned the bank as a reliable source of financial news and information.

Matrix also leveraged the bank’s expertise to attract business media who sought quotes and comments on various financial matters. It was therefore very crucial to build rapport with the business media by constantly and efficiently feeding them with valuable information.

  • Disseminate weekly commodities reports

  • Op-Eds & Interviews by senior employees

  • Make available expert comments (on industry issues) to key financial media



Resource Center

  • Disseminating weekly commodities reports to GCC papers and main online business and finance sites from Saxo Bank’s experts

    Releasing monthly and yearly results of Saxo Bank to all GCC media

Expertise & Knowledge of the industry

  • Disseminating comments from different experts of Saxo Bank to all GCC media

    Releasing Saxo Bank’s Outrageous Predictions every year to all finance and business media in the GCC

Media Outreach

  • Arranging interviews when experts from Saxo Bank visit Dubai and/or other GCC states

    Approaching all media for opportunities on comments or quotes from Saxo

    Bank’s experts to be used in relevant articles



The agency’s communications tactics raised and strengthened the bank’s profile in the industry whilst positioning it as a reliable source of financial information for the regional media.

The agency was also able to localize key messages and news announcements thus showing relevance in the respective GCC countries.


Enhanced coverage in all mainstream print media – covering commodities reports, comments, and financial reports

Recognition by Media/Industry

Enhanced visibility and expertise culminated in regular enquiries from the business media

Online Coverage

Impressive coverage across key online publications within the GCC

Media Mentions

Regular media mentions emanating from the weekly commodities reports, monthly/annual results

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