PR Strategy: How to break into that elusive publication

PR Strategy: How to break into that elusive publication

PR Strategy:  How to break into that elusive publication


All PR professionals know this.

We can get coverage for our clients in just about any magazine and newspaper, no problem. But when it comes to getting into that one publication that seems to feature all other agency materials but yours, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Why does this happen, and what can we do to finally get our clients covered in that one elusive title? All you need is a PR strategy.

Journalists try to be as professional as they can be under any circumstance, but sometimes, personal motivations and preferences get in the way of doing their job in an objective manner. Sometimes, due to bad experiences or negative feedback from friends and family, an editor just won’t react to a particular brand, no matter how brilliantly you write your pitches or how creatively you approach them.

It’s just not going to happen. That’s the first thing you have to accept if you’re in the PR business. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to exhaust all available options before you resign yourself to that possibility.


Here are three tips to have an effective PR strategy and on how you can finally get that piece of coverage.


Ask the editor.

  • If you feel that the magazine is continuously singling you out when you think your clients’ products could fit perfectly in certain features, pick up the phone and ask. You can come up with a million possible answers to the question why, but you’ll never know what it is until you ask the people responsible.
    Maybe they never received your pitches and images. Maybe it’s a personal preference and they hate the brand. Maybe they just need more awareness on the brand to change their perception of it. Whatever it may be, you’ll have a more concrete idea of what to do next, based on the editor’s feedback.


Try something different.

  • Whatever you’ve been doing is obviously not working for this specific title, so try to come up with something creative and out of the box to pique their interest.


Make sure it’s all relevant.

  • This goes back to point #1. The thing between PRs and journos is that they have a conflict of interest. PRs easily get caught up in this illusion that whatever the client has to say is great news for journalists. Most of time, it’s not. We think about our clients, journalists think about their readers. So try to make sure that whatever you’re giving the editor is in line with their target market. Otherwise you’re just wasting their time and yours.


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