PR in 2022 – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

PR in 2022 – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

Yet another year has gone by amidst flux and with almost every industry undergoing an upheaval. The differentiators that help stand out have changed too. Be it subject matter expertise or services and content strategy. Stiff competition persists and PR agencies must brace up to note industry trends to ensure relevance and remain successful in 2022.

What is it that’ll help you stay on top of the game as we turn the page to a brand new year?


Ride high on Social Media:

You don’t need an expert to tell how the pandemic has completely reshaped social media behavior and trends. While the shift continued in 2021, the year coming up will continue to experience this exponential growth. However, it isn’t just about numbers anymore. Apart from the rich and famous in terms of the number of followers on social media; brands and media experts should explore micro and Nano-influencers with smaller followings in niche markets. It is therefore important for PR professionals to adapt to reach audiences in this relatively new landscape to experience higher levels of engagement to reinforce the quality of ROI on social media.


PR, a number-crunching game:

PR professionals today certainly agree that their responsibilities and job description have transcended the boundaries of the conventional textbook definition of Public Relations. This change is inevitable and welcoming. PR and marketing get increasingly intertwined and to tell compelling stories, both the laterals need to synchronize seamlessly. Analytics that were once a privileged resource of the marketing department has become an integral part of PR too. Gathering data on SEO, social media buying, influencer engagement, KPIs, and earned media help justify PR engagement. Also, tangible results provide evidence and security for both clients as well as agencies for budgeting PR.


Mass no more, personalizing is key:

Gone are the times when one pitch note managed the ‘send to all’ click. PR professionals will agree that personalized pitching is the most successful channel that leads to earned media space. The future is also all about personalizing your pitches for the journalists you’ll be dealing with. This helps in learning their areas of expertise, cuts the noise amidst a tonne of emails that they receive daily, and also helps cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship in the long run.


CSR issues aren’t just business ethics:

Consumer behavior shows an inclination towards brands that stand up to social issues. Other than being environmentally friendly, consumers expect brands to take a stance on certain social issues. Companies that miss out on doing so are at risk of lagging in competition. Diversity and Inclusion are also the points in focus going forward and PR professionals need to help clients establish and prioritize such core values.

To remain nimble is key as new trends and technology redefine ways to communicate. The future of events, content as well as media engagement is hybrid and the PR community needs to evolve and adapt smoothly.