Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

Philip Stein

Leveraging the power of media and influencer endorsements to add credibility to a brand


The Case

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet was created specifically for people with sleep problems - minus the need for medication. However, it was not a well-known brand due to low media presence. This was mainly due to the fact that consumers were unaware of its unique features, especially in the region.

The client sought to create awareness about the product, its features and the revolutionary technology. They also needed to stand out from the competition.



Position the sleep bracelet as an aid to well being to the media, who in turn would communicate its benefits to audiences through experience based write-ups about improving sleep patterns


  • Low media visibility

  • Products not widely known

  • Considered a niche brand/product

  • Competition from other sleep bracelet brands


The Philip Stein sleep bracelet was not a well known brand in the region due to low media presence.

Low media visibility meant that many people were not aware of the product and its unique features.

Since Dubai is a high-paced environment, many people experience difficulty sleeping and most end up seeking medication to help them sleep better.

This presented a unique opportunity to create awareness about the product, its revolutionary technology, and its features.



In order to create awareness of the sleep bracelet, the agency decided to sample the product with a carefully selected group of media (reporters and editors) on a trial basis.

The agency identified 20 influential media and socialites (English & Arabic) and presented the products to them to use for one month.

  • Give the media an opportunity to interact with the product and share their experiences with the public

  • Create awareness about product and the technology

  • Enhance Media Relations

Execution & Tactics


Media Relations

  • Identified and began engagements with key media, bringing them up to speed about the product and the technology behind it.

Online Presence

  • Worked with key socialites in the region and gave them an opportunity to use the product and later review it on the respective online platforms.

Product Placement

  • Identified key lifestyle publications (English & Arabic) and submitted quality images/info and products for photo shoots.



The media campaign was a success with the outcome exceeding the client's expectations.

The media were intrigued by the effectiveness of the product and got to better understand the product after using it for a month.

The agency successfully managed to secure regular coverage for the product, resulting in enhanced awareness among the target audience.

Online Presence

Collaboration with key influencers created a buzz online after sharing their experiences

Image Building

Enhanced brand presence in the region

Media Relations

Built & enhanced rapport with relevant media

Awareness & Visibility

Impressive coverage across key English and Pan Arab publications within the region

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