Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

The Growth of Influencer Marketing

A relatively new trend in recent years has been the emergence of Influencers who focus on niche areas of specialisation.  Many of these individuals have gained a reputation for industry expertise and have a wide audience.  As such, they are able to wield significant influence and are in a position to sway decisions and steer industry-wide change and policies.

Rather ironic is the fact that even as the internet intractably permeates every facet of our lives, consumers now rely more on personal recommendations and tend to warm up to first-hand knowledge and personal experience.  This has seen the rise of Bloggers and Influencers who play a pivotal role in brand development, marketing penetration, and customer acquisition strategies.


What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

Winning potential customers

With a good brand, you can get business referrals because you have created a positive impression among your customers. Once your brand is established, word of mouth becomes one of the most effective advertising strategies.

Building trust

People gravitate towards doing business with a person or a company that has a strong and professional personal brand. Brands built on trust enjoy a great deal of patronage from customers and this ultimately reflects on a business’s balance sheet.

Growing your reputation

A consistent brand image leaves a lasting impression and helps customers to remember, identify with, and recommend you or your business to others. Brand building enhances your reputation, both online and offline.


How to get the most out of influencer marketing

It is imperative that organizations are strategic in the influencers they choose to represent their brand. Through collaborations with influencers, brands are able to reach out to their target audiences. After all, there is no substitute for the personal touch, which is so crucial to building an emotional connection.

In a world where interactions are becoming increasingly cold and impersonal (via chatbots, automated call centres, self-help sections on websites), incorporating influencer marketing as part of a comprehensive communication strategy can go a long way to appeal to the minds and hearts of its audiences. The anticipated results are not only a bigger share of mind but an increased share of the market as well.