NOVO Cinemas Launch

NOVO Cinemas Launch

Putting customer experiences first to enhance brand awareness, visibility and improved media relations


The Case

The agency was tasked with creating media awareness about the new Novo Cinemas outlet. To maximize visibility and highlight the experience NOVO Cinemas offers.

Matrix developed and executed a communications strategy that generated publicity, aroused curiosity among targeted media and profiled the people behind the innovative and memorable experience.



To enhance the image of NOVO Cinemas.

Create Awareness of the new outlet

Image building

Increase brand visibility


  • Highly competitive industry

  • Consumers already have a wide choice of cinema outlets

  • Stiff competition from pay TV services, online

  • Competition from other recreational venues offering competitively priced options to consumers


NOVO cinemas operates in a highly competitive industry where consumers have access to a wide range of cinema outlets.

They also have to deal with stiff competition from Pay Tv services, online movies and other recreational avenues that offer competitive prices to consumers.

NOVO needed to innovate to remain competitive.

They also wanted to give their movie theatre a lifeline that ensures customer enjoyment and satisfaction outside their homes.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

To create awareness about the new NOVO outlet, the agency developed a one-month PR strategy for the launch and the premier events.

As part of the strategy, the agency created a carefully planned timeline of media relations with pre and post event activities to drive coverage of the concept.

Invite the media to attend the launch and watch the premier of the movie, London Has Fallen.

Media Interviews with key media – pre and post launch.

Engage key players in the media and also audiences with interactive activities to create a buzz about NOVO Cinemas and encourage reviews.

  • Invite Media

  • Interviews

  • Interactive activities

Execution & Tactics


Tactical Approach

  • The focus was on a highly concentrated PR strategy including a carefully planned timeline with several interactive activities before, during, and after the event.

    Moreover, we leveraged media outlets and personalities to enhance NOVO Cinema’s image. We also crafted and distributed messages across media platforms, highlighting the brand values, and customer experiences.

Media Interviews

  • Arranged and coordinated one-on-one interviews with key media.
    The media was given exclusive access to the activities before the launch.

    Also engaged key players in the media with interactive activities to encourage positive reviews.

Brand Messaging & Visibility

  • We also crafted and distributed messages across media platforms, highlighting the brand values, value proposition, and customer experiences.

    The communications plan was geared to generate publicity, arouse curiosity, and create a memorable experience.



The agency’s PR campaign successfully managed to create a buzz about the new NOVO cinemas outlet especially within media circles.

Premier Screening

The screening of the movie ‘London Has Fallen’ also gave the venue launch a big boost, which got people talking whilst receiving impressive coverage in key publications.

Media Reviews

Successfully secured media interviews prior to, during and after the event. This is a result of early and exclusive engagement with key players in the media right through the campaign.

Brand Visibility

Enhanced brand presence following the launch event


Impressive coverage across key publications and TV channels within the region

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