Moms Trust Himalaya


Winning the trust of mothers by highlighting a brand's clinically proven Unique Selling Proposition



Himalaya was launching its new baby care range at a time when paediatricians and mothers were increasingly concerned that their babies were being exposed to products that were harmful.

Besides that, Himalaya was also facing stiff competition not only from genuine market players but also from cheaper and more harmful brands that had entered this sensitive and health conscious market segment.

The "Moms Trust Himalaya" initiative had to position Himalaya as a safe and trusted brand.



The key objectives of the agency were to:

Build credibility (Trust)

Boost visibility (Awareness)

Communicate brand value (USPs)

Positioning - Develop strategies to compete against established market leaders


  • Develop a strategy to convert a late entrant brand into a market leader in the region

  • Launch a brand new product into a sensitive and health conscious market segment

  • Position the new product as being safe for use on babies, i.e. dispel concerns over dangerous ingredients and build trust

  • Generate genuine interest and buy-in from key stakeholders, i.e. mothers


This new Himalaya baby care range was being launched against a backdrop of rising concern from mothers and pediatrics around the world about the safety of baby care products.



We decided to run a thought-provoking, nationwide awareness campaign that would generate genuine buy-in from major stakeholders in the market – mothers and caregivers.

We needed to ensure that the campaign built credibility and highlighted Himalaya’s Unique Selling Proposition – that its products are clinically tested and proven to ensure safety and efficacy.

The agency developed a strategy under three key pillars;


The agency had to build the brand in the region and establish and cultivate trust as well as establish a genuine connection between the brand and its target audience especially since a lot of mothers were sceptical and concerned about the safety of baby products.

  • Know

    Get existing and potential customers to know about the brand

  • Like

    Get them to like the brand as a natural product

  • Trust

    Build and gain trust that the products are safe for babies

Execution & Tactics

Consumer Participation

    Matrix leveraged public participation through a competition and messages that highlighted the importance of using the right ingredients for baby massages.

    Other activities included one-on-one meetups with the target audience and bloggers and distribution of product samples. This helped to build momentum and create hype around the products and its ingredients, enabling higher brand recall.

    We also tapped into our excellent media relations that, in turn, provided an opportunity for product placements and feature stories.

    Launch the new baby massage oil with a Guinness World Record attempt for maximum baby massages in a given period of time and highlight the importance of baby massage using the right ingredients

Post-Event Strategy

    To build momentum/continuity, the agency undertook to:

    • Organize one-on-one meetings with target media & bloggers
    • Distribute samples of the product
    • Distribute media alerts highlighting the natural ingredients in the products
    • Encourage media to use the products for relevant media placements and feature stories

Follow-through Activities

    • The agency also ran a social media campaign to follow up with consumers and their experiences with Himalaya products, especially the new Baby Massage Oil
    • Since the campaign had ignited a serious conversation about baby care product safety, mothers were now sharing their experiences with various products, including Himalaya, on their social platforms.
    • The user-generated content provided us with an opportunity to share and amplify the positive attributes, brand values, and experiences from mothers who had used Himalaya baby care products.


Moms Attendance

Over 393 mothers from over 20 nationalities participated in the event

Social Media Reach

Reached over 1 million on Facebook

Impact on Sales

Sales of the Baby Massage Oil grew by 34% post record attempt (3 months data)


The brand won the title of “Baby and Child Skincare Brand of the Year” at the Mother, Baby and Child awards 2016

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