Milestone Systems


Using the SCRUM to craft an identity and gain customer & channel confidence!


The Case

Milestone Systems (Canon Group), the leading VMS brand in the world, wanted to raise awareness in the region.

Milestone had almost no presence in mainstream or tech media.

Matrix PR employed the SCRUM (Agile) methodology to perfection to carve an identity in the mainstream media by popularizing their industry Video Management Services (VMS).



To make Video Management Services (VMS) a mainstream media topic

Position Milestone as a leader in VMS technology in mainstream and tech media.

To encourage more conversations around women in technology.


  • Milestone Systems had neglible visibility in the mainstream media in the region.

  • The VMS topic was unknown to many and the brand was not high on the radar for media, potential partners and consumers.

  • The brand didn’t have all the resources necessary at hand to be able to manage the suggested campaign in one go.


An audit of mainstream and tech media showed that almost nothing was mentioned about VMS.

A media dipstick with select Tier 1 media told us that most had never heard of Milestone Systems or had much knowledge about VMS as a category.

Follow-up calls to the media and reviewing the media editorial calendars gave the agency some ideas that could help the brand such as expo, women in technology, etc.

Extensively referred to an IDC report on the VMS industry with its application and impact on other verticals.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Based on research, the strategy revolved around 2 key concepts:

1. THE SCRUM - The team realized that since the client did not have a final Middle East comms plan to roll out it would have to build it as they go along. 2. Four Pillars for VMS = Milestone System

Popularize VMS as a topic through its application in fields such as cyber security, green tech, facial recognition etc.

Position Milestone as a technology leader in the Middle East region

Build a conversation on women’s role in technology

Position Milestone as a brand invested in the region that cares about the developments and concerns of the region

  • We defined clearly what would be success in year 1 in terms of visibility with VMS.

  • The idea to build the image around the category itself with attention to women in tech and ethics was a game changer.

  • Releasing strategic content pieces bit by bit helped craft the image & gain momentum.

Execution & Tactics



    • Building the brand with Editorial Calendars: by finding topics that would be relevant to Milestone.
    • Creating a voice for multiple Women: Created at least 4 female spokespersons for Milestone Systems who were featured multiple times
    • Inspire regional thought leadership: by positioning the brand as engrained with the local
      culture by identifying trending regional topics such as green visa, mission to mars, 50th year celebration, Vision 2030, etc.

Insights & Data

    • In-depth insights with Town Halls & Experience Center: came from the team which helped the team come up with many of the ideas such as women spokespersons, the possibilities in different industries, and making events possible.
    • Regional data for Media with IDC report: Milestone partnered with International Data
      Corporation (IDC) to develop a comprehensive report for the region that included fresh data and statistics specific to the region to report and also develop relevant and factual stories.
    • Boost to website regional pages: The overall online media frenzy also had a positive impact on
      Milestone’s regional website. To accomplish this objective, the team included backlinks on all digital content it developed, which helped to drive significant traffic back to the MIlestone regional website.


    • The MIPS Virtual Event: The annual MIPS event usually had a few hundred attendees. Since the event was virtual the team pushed for the event to be made available to a wider audience with PR
      focusing on getting registrations.



Industry Impact

Made VMS a mainstream topic and the impact is often mentioned in industry stories in Gulf News, Al Bayan, Al Ittihad, Al Khaleej, etc.

Bold Angle

We created among the largest pool of female spokespersons (tech) for a single company and leading discussions on ethics

Regional Data

We offered a solution to a media pain point with the IDC report and MIPS reports of the region


318 Clippings – 6 months – and 13% Tech & Security media features

Mainstream Media

87% Mainstream Media Opportunities through Pull Strategy


59.2 M Reach – Thought Leadership coverage potential reach

Women in Tech

12 ‘Women in Tech’ mentions

Key Messages

106 Key Messages featured with 94 ‘video’

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