Media Relations – PR’s X-Factor

Media Relations – PR’s X-Factor

Media Relations – Public Relations’s X-Factor


PR professionals have adequate knacks of storytelling to weave interesting tales around building a brand’s image and sustaining its positive identity.

However, that is not enough if a PR talent cannot move your brand stories through the clutter to reach out to the right influencers. To top it, today’s media is also about celebrities, influencers, bloggers and of course consumers, who play a big part by means of social media.


How to win at Media Relations

Every PR professional’s approach needs to be to identify the right media (be it traditional or digital), initiate introductory process and then concentrate efforts towards developing and sustaining, lasting relationships.

Engaging media with news-worthy flow of information is no easy task and it could take a while even before a media professional starts taking you seriously. It, therefore, becomes imperative to choose a PR agency that has healthy and valuable media relations who will give a great start to your brand in the consumer markets.

It’s a must to do a lot of homework before initiating your introduction to a media professional. It does a lot of good to remember that the media is used to asking questions, so being prepared is the best and only way to nail it with them in one go.

Amidst stressed schedules and deadline-driven editorials, PR professionals need to understand time-sensitivity and importance of being precise. Taking a moment to say that you have contacted to share relevant, helpful and current information goes a long way in establishing a great rapport with media professionals.


Be Alert to Build Media Relations

Social Media Relations

These days social media has evolved like a giant octopus with its tentacles spread across various laterals and absorbing information (positive and negative) from every possible sources.

Alert PR professionals are the ones who look for engaging opportunities with the media on the internet too. How many times have you proactively helped a media professional get thru their query posted online on various channels? Such unexpected gestures go a long way is building relationships that transcend beyond the realms of Media-PR professional systems.

As a routine, PR professionals should make it a discipline to stay in touch with the media, give away no opportunity of furnishing informative news and also engage them when the talk points are not about your brands or you.

The most important aspect I would like to underscore is that honour your relations with the media like any other. They need to be nurtured, encouraged and made symbiotic to last in the long run.

Always remember, your goal is to build an image of that ‘fantastic PR resource’ who will deliver information and news on time!

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