Helping Liali Jewellery glitter with extra value


Articulating its position as an experienced brand forerunner


The Case

When Matrix was approached by Liali Jewellery we identified a triple task - raise visibility, build trust and establish credibility, all in the context of fierce competition in the jewellery industry. The company wanted to demonstrate their expertise and craftsmanship to help customers to differentiate their brand from the rest. Our team was up for the challenge!



The Dubai-based jewellery tasked the agency with the mandate to build and strengthen the brand, enhance its corporate identity, as well as maximize its visibility through the media. Matrix saw a way to pull Liali away from the crowded market by using chosen media platforms frequented by their customers. The messages were designed to increase visibility and stimulate fresh purchase opportunities. Majoring on Liali's superior product quality and market leadership we engaged customers about these values.


  • Cut-throat competition from regional jewellers

  • Low visibility across all media

  • Building trust and credibility within the media, consumers

  • Expertise and craftmanship not well know


There was low brand awareness especially by the media.

Hence the media did not fully understand the brand, what it had to offer, its expertise, and what it stood for.

Consumers on the other hand couldn’t easily differentiate the brand from its competition as a result of low brand visibility.



Our messaging was centered around the twin-strengths of expertise and experience which had positive appeal. This was supported by events and tie-ups. The agency formulated a strategy anchored on three key areas - Image, Media Relations, and Events & Collaborations.

The PR plan encompassed activities that would ultimately position the jeweller as a leader, a respected player in the industry, and also showcase its quality designs.

  • Image Building

  • Media Relations

  • Events And Collaborations

Execution & Tactics


Image Building

    • The Matrix team also ensured that all communication enhanced Liali’s brand profile and boosted its image as a pioneer in the fashion industry. This included highlighting brand development and Liali’s key growth milestones, highlighting its rich heritage and strong presence in the region
    • We worked with industry experts to comment in publications that focus on jewellery to showcase Liali’s quality jewellery, an extensive range, and fine craftsmanship

Media Relations

    • Press Releases to announce and promote new collection launches
    • Monthly store walks with key fashion influencers/editors
    • Competitions in print publications and online portals to further awareness
    • One-on-one meets with key editors and bloggers to give a first hand experience of the products

Events & Collaborations

    • In an effort to maximize visibility on social media we collaborated with fashion bloggers to create content that resonated with the primary target audience.
    • We engaged these writers in one-to-one meetings and offered them a first-hand experience of the products.
    • Media events to promote the new launches and build a rapport with the target media



The agency's strategy was an instant success with the PR activities immediately gaining traction with the media.

Its media relations efforts sparked a keen interest in the jeweler by the mainstream media as well as the blogging community creating an opportunity for the brand to highlight its creations, expertise, and deep knowledge of the industry.

The result was regular media mentions and collaborations with the online community.

Press Coverage

Press releases got wide coverage across the targeted media - print and online


Pitched interesting stories which got covered widely. Media attendance/coverage during launches was also impressive

Blogger Collaborations

Collaborated with key influencers in the region creating a buzz across digital platforms


Held successful competitions in key publications and radio stations resulting in enhanced awareness

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