Kaya Skin Clinic


Empowering women in their fearless pursuit of beauty


The Case

Kaya Skin Clinic Middle East is the leading international skin wellness chain that specializes in advanced dermatological solutions for women and men.



Industry Leader - Establish Kaya as the leader in Beauty Services Category and further generate audience attention and awareness through media placements and expert articles

Create Interest - Highlight the success of the brand and its vision for the future as well as use PR stories and testimonials to educate media and target audience

Provide Information - Educate customers about Kaya’s high safety and hygiene standards, operating protocols, etc.

Reinforcing the Brand - Maintaining positive relationships with key audiences including media and influencers, thereby aiding in building a strong image.


  • Brand Differentiation - The challenge was to change Kaya’s perception among target audiences from being just a Skin Clinic to also offering Hair & Body services

  • A flooded and highly competitive market - within the beauty & cosmetic industry, with less focus on service delivery and customer satisfaction. The brand needed to stand out in this market.

  • Industry Leader - Kaya had a golden opportunity to change the narrative by showing leadership and position itself as a true and trustworthy partner.


Kaya Skin Clinics conducted comprehensive research:

Included internal reports, 3rd party research, consumer dipstick and 2 facial treatments offered to customers.

This research provided some insightful data that helped formulate a solid brand and communication strategy and also drive the overall campaign.



Arrange for media reviews and product sampling to increase brand awareness and maintain media relations.

Maximize visibility on digital through regular distribution of media alerts on relevant topics.

Collaborations with print publications and online portals to raise further awareness.

  • Profiling Interviews

  • Syndicated Columns

  • Media visits and Reviews


Image Building

  • Industry Stories, comments from senior spokespersons and doctors in publications covering health & lifestyle news

    Highlight Kaya’s unique proposition through the different services available along with quality and safety procedures followed

Media Relations

  • Press Releases to announce and promote the launch of new services and ecommerce launch as well as their “What’s Your Beautiful” campaign.

    Regular media reviews with key English and Arabic editors

    Creative media alerts to push the various deals and services at Kaya


  • Media collaborations to promote the brand’s products and build a rapport with the target media and maximize visibility on digital platforms



At the end of the PR campaign, the team measured its success by the number of times the key messages got highlighted in the subsequent media coverage.

Media Coverage

184 media clippings

Tier 1 Coverage

8 exclusive articles, 9 interviews and 6 media visits with Tier 1 Media





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