Influencer Marketing – the winning edge that brands need

Influencer Marketing – the winning edge that brands need

The advent of social media ushered in a new era for brand marketing and Influencer Marketing, in particular, has garnered immense interest in the last few years. Scores of influencers are bringing brands into the limelight vouching for qualitative outreach.

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Incredibly, influencers have bought about a breakthrough in the world of marketing. Although businesses have had setbacks during the pandemic, the Influencer Marketing industry has seen a significant rise. In fact, it continues to do so globally. It has been reported that 65% of influencer marketing budgets have increased during the past year and Google searches also skyrocketed by 1500% for Influencer Marketing.

As more brands become aware of its benefits, we dug deeper to know why brands should increase their budgets and things to steer clear off for better engagement.

Relevant and quality content:

Indeed, not many skip influencer stories unlike its paid cousin (read advertising)! Influencers are creative and honest about their experiences. Hence, brands are rated for what they are and not what they could be. Transparency is key to this. Also, audiences are influenced by quality content that offers both information and entertainment.

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Creatively personalized to appeal:

Influencers have a characteristic way of presenting content and use their special skills to hook the audiences. The human touch that influencers provide, speckled with attractive images and videos outsmart written content. The reviews are genuine and go beyond their roles as brand ambassadors. That explains why celebrity endorsements are on the decline and Influencer Marketing is booming.

Expansive platforms and power to share:

The sprawling Social Media space is inviting and allows content sharing with minimum protocols. This encourages two of the key factors to influencers’ success – their ability to stay trendy and find ways of sharing exciting content. Social Media star platforms like Instagram and TikTok offer amazing opportunities and influencers love to optimize them.


Professional handling agencies for strategic guidance:

Brands today can avail of distinct services of professional agencies that have a pool of influencers. The industry is growing with influencers in possibly every sector. From fashion, fitness, and wellbeing to other businesses like IT, finance, and automobile; influencers are leaving their mark. So, working in tandem with an influencer agency can be highly effective for marketing agencies and communications consultancies.

Admittedly, Influencer Marketing is booming right now and micro-influencers are on the rise too, but it has its pitfalls. ‘Flirtatious’ influencers and bogus followers are lurking and you should count on data with the right tools to assess their legitimacy. With all its strengths and weaknesses; Influencer Marketing is here to stay.Thus, it comes as no surprise that brand consultants are collaborating with them.