In the wake of a pandemic, it’s time to simplify communication for optimum results

In the wake of a pandemic, it’s time to simplify communication for optimum results

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It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise. No one, neither governments, insurance companies, and other businesses or organizations, had seen it coming nor had they anticipated its velocity and consequences.

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This pandemic has forced businesses and organizations around the world to react rapidly and re-think their business and communication management plans.

Closing offices, canceling meetings, and working remotely can impact business negatively. But whilst the status quo has been shaken we must stay firm – and positive!

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While governments take measures to control the situation, it is down to businesses to pick themselves up and work their way around it. Yes, there is always a way, especially in a digitally-driven world! So it’s time to work out a way suited to the nature of your business and simplify the process as much as possible to achieve the best results.

This may not make up for the present fiscal setback but will to a great extent minimize the uncertainties of the future.

Not surprisingly, there is a palpable state of fear. In addition to health risks, employees are new to the concept of working remotely. Clients are looking for ways to bring down their budget and minimize expenses on outsourced resources. Also, customers have grown increasingly anxious about the situation.

People don’t know what to expect. So,  the best way to address this issue is for the management to assess the scope and possibilities and communicate them as simply as possible. And be open about it.


It might take a while for the majority of employees to get used to the new practice of working remotely, especially for an extended period. Basic things such as accessing work information, channeling thoughts, planning the daily flow of work and lack of guidance due to distancing could become an issue. This, in turn, could adversely affect productivity and focus.

While most businesses already operate on software such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive,  it is time for employees to get a hang of using it. Not only are these software solutions easy to use but they also help simplify and fasten the work process.

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If a new system is introduced during the remote working phase, managers should give live tutorials on how to maximize the use of such software. Simplify the steps as much as possible. Videoconferencing software such as Zoom helps to reduce the communication gap. It is a good idea to organize regular meetings with the team to address their issues and to ensure the uninterrupted flow of work. Under the circumstances, a new project management process could be very effective


Considering the given situation, it is natural for businesses and their clients to cut back on budgets and trim outsourcing. This may have a direct impact on individual businesses.  It is important that you inform your clients early on how you are continuing your services to them in the given situation. Be transparent about your plans for them.  Give them solutions, get on a call with them as often as possible informing them about the work in progress.

Keep your communication with your client simple, direct and as informative as possible. Assure them that their work has not stopped and how your services to them are still integral to their business. Offer them solutions and call them as often as possible informing them about the work in progress.


It’s only natural that customers will be affected too, due to the uncertainties and the change in their lifestyle. Reassurance and clear communication are what they need. Everyone is in this crisis together. Assure your customers that you are there to support them during this period. The COVID-19 pandemic will not stay forever. Rather than amplifying the graveness of the situation reassure your customers that there are ways they can live normally within the given situation. Remind them that, this too shall pass.

Describe the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into steps you’re taking to help the community. Take to digital platforms to virtually interact with your customers and direct customers to your e-commerce platforms to boost online sales.

This period is all about having the right attitude. That will dictate your outcomes.