Improve your work-life balance when working remotely (and stay happier and healthier).

Improve your work-life balance when working remotely (and stay happier and healthier).

Picture this. A typical workday where your cozy living room conveniently transforms into your office, or work station as it’s now fondly referred to by the new age worker, eliminating the need for the dreaded commute or rigid office hours.

Who’d have thought we’d see the day when laptops replace boardrooms and virtual meetings become the new norm as traditional boundaries between work and personal life start to fade?

Today, with the ever-evolving landscape of modern work remote opportunities are steadily rising, becoming the norm rather than the exception as our professional lives seamlessly integrate with the digital realm. This is evident as 61 percent of people consider remote working a positive experience, according to Buffer’s 2022 State of Remote Work report while its interest grew by up to 24 percent in 2021 compared to findings from the previous year as highlighted by Owl Lab’s study.

Consequently, the once stiff lines between work and personal time have become blurred to a certain extent – a trend that’s leading to a quest for the ever-elusive work-life balance for many employees.

But before you break into song and dance, all is not rosy with this relatively new style of work. Why, you ask? Well, there’s more than meets the eye as far as productivity and wellness are concerned – two crucial factors that are not normally mutually exclusive.

Here’s the thing. While remote work promises unprecedented flexibility, and for some, an unparalleled freedom, , this trend can tip the scales, leaving you feeling overworked and disconnected from life’s joys. You might even end up whispering to yourself, “this is NOT what I signed up for”.

Work-life balance

To help you unlock the secrets of a fulfilling remote work experience and ultimately empower you to strike the perfect balance and nurture a happier, healthier version of yourself, we have carefully created an easy-to-follow roadmap of how you can become productive and most importantly also lead a happier and healthier life.

How to stay happier and healthier when remote working

Prioritize harmony and create boundaries

For most people, prioritization and boundaries are key areas that have increasingly become a challenge. While the remote working concept is relatively new to most workers, finding the perfect balance has become an uphill task. You see, it might seem rather straight forward to split your time equally but unfortunately, this is not the case.

stay happier

The magic lies not in splitting your time 50-50. You can only achieve this by ensuring that work and life coexist harmoniously. This is extremely crucial for those working from home. This is because boundaries between the professional and the personal life can very easily blur. It’s also worth noting that it’s not just about sacrificing one for the other, the objective is to find a way to manage both successfully.

One key to achieving this balance is setting clear boundaries with colleagues and clients. Communicate your working hours from home to manage expectations effectively. This not only establishes a sense of structure but also allows you to dedicate time to family, friends, and personal interests without compromising professional commitments.

Scheduling and harnessing digital tools for efficiency

Creating a new schedule that accommodates work tasks, family obligations, and personal interests is essential. Embrace the flexibility of remote work by organizing your day to attend virtual meetings, go for a jog, handle the school run, and meet project deadlines – all within the same timeframe. The key here is to, first and foremost, be organized and intentional about allocating your time.

It is also highly recommended that you take full advantage of the myriad of digital tools that are readily available. Normalize leveraging technology to streamline communication, collaborate seamlessly, and stay on top of deadlines.

Blending lives and getting your priorities right

Another crucial factor to consider as you navigate the intricacies of remote working is how to seamlessly blend your day-to-day professional and personal life duties and responsibilities with some enthusiasm and excitement. To enjoy a home-cooked meal while staying aligned with colleagues, you need to master the art of not just blending the two but also getting your priorities right.

In today’s fast-moving world, work is not just confined to a specific geographical location – tasks can now be accomplished from anywhere as long as you have the right tools and mindset. At the heart of work-life integration is getting your priorities right. When work seamlessly integrates with life, stress levels significantly diminish, and the joys of being at home with family become apparent. Embrace the balance, and you’ll eventually become a happier person with a newfound appreciation for the time spent with loved ones.

Parting shot

As you work remotely, the key to a healthier, happier you lies in flexibility, adaptation, and experimentation. While there’s no one-size-fits-all, the above tips on working remotely to keep productivity ticking will enhance your overall experience. Whether you’re the kind of person who is only productive in the morning or your creative juices flow better at night when everyone else is asleep, a good work-life balance is equally important. Start by establishing a rhythm that aligns with your natural flow. Remember, while work brings in the much-needed income, maintaining a balance ensures your health remains a top priority. If you embrace the integration of work and life, you’ll ultimately discover a path to a fulfilling and sustainable remote work experience.