Himalaya - Integrated Campaign


How to increase a skincare brand's market share through the use of sponsorship


The Case

In an economic climate where consumers are spending less, seeking more value, and product categories declining - Himalaya wanted to increase its market share in the face wash category.

Through research on various platforms based on our specific audience, we decided to go with an integrated approach to embed the brand in the minds of this audience through the popular show Arabs Got Talent.



Effectively reach out to the target audience whilst they are in their sitting rooms at home.

Use an integrated approach, not only to reach the targeted audience but to embed the brand in their minds.

Ensure they got the singular message enveloped in the hashtag #FaceItAll


  • A major obstacle for the brand was lack of awareness among its target audience, a 5-million strong market segment of Arab youth.

  • These consumers are known to be glued to their mobile devices all day long in preference to watching TV.


From the research findings of Arab consumers (TNS KSA 2015) and the research groups that we had conducted, we uncovered a few observations. Two of these stood out and helped us arrive at the key campaign insights.

First, teenage Arab girls actively seek self-expression and recognition. They are at an age, where they want to express their skills and talents and be recognized. Secondly, at a tender age, they highly value social approval and reassurance; issues that would conventionally seem to be small and trivial could have deep rooted impact on their beliefs and behavior, sometimes holding them back from chasing their dreams.



Through research on various platforms and a specific audience, we decided to use an integrated approach, not only to reach the targeted audience but to embed the brand in their minds.

The research showed that Himalaya needed an influential person to advise consumers on their products, someone they trusted.

Being on a reality show is a lot like being a teenager – both are nerve-racking experiences where you feel like you’re constantly being judged, and the smallest doubt seems to become the biggest obstacle. Hence, the campaign was aptly called ‘Face it all with Himalaya’ or “#FaceItall”.

To land this message, we couldn’t find a better platform than Arabs Got Talent (AGT). It’s the region’s highest rated talent show and is popular with teens. It was a perfect platform to bring to life the campaign idea of how a trivial problem could hold you back from showcasing your talents.

TV is slowly losing relevance with KSA youth, a large format reality show like AGT is still eagerly viewed. Hence we chose to partner with the show and use it as the platform to build a holistic campaign.

  • #FaceItall

  • Arabs Got Talent (AGT)

  • Collaboration with Raya



Brand mentions

  • During episodes and tweets from Raya, which went a long way in building credibility.

Product placements

  • Key moments within the show’s format that made the audience take notice.

Branded experience zone

  • Showcased to the millions tuned in, where contestants were prepped to face it all!



Top of mind recall

Almost doubled with an increase from 7% to 13%

Brand Consideration

Surged from 33% to 44%


Himalaya’s value share jumped from 8% pre campaign to 10% post campaign


Himalaya sales soared by over 20%

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