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How a unique experiential event helped increase market sales growth by 41%


The Case

Aiming to widen the brand's portfolio and promote wellness through the use of herbs, Himalaya , one of the most experienced herbal brands in the beauty industry, launched an exciting new range of nature-focused face and body products, named "Fresh Start".

Matrix was tasked with creating awareness of the new range, communicating the benefits of herbal beauty products, and thereby positioning the brand as a preferred herbal skincare brand in the region.



Educate the audience and provide clear and transparent information about herbal beauty products and position Himalaya as the preferred herbal skincare brand.

To create social media buzz and ignite an online conversation about the exciting new range of nature-focused products, while positioning Himalaya as the ‘Herbal Expert’.


  • Mixed and confusing messages by competitors

  • Consumers are not sure what to believe and who to trust

  • Our research highlighted that while there are opportunities for growth in the beauty space our messaging would need to be clear and targeted to cut through all the noise in the industry.


The current market situation has revealed that the global herbal beauty products market is projected to grow at the rate of 6.5% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023.

An in-depth look at the beauty industry has shown that some key players in the industry are highlighting the adverse effects of synthetic beauty products in order to stay on top of the game.

All this jostling, albeit healthy for business, leaves the consumer confused regarding which products are truly safe to use.



The goal was to expand the brand’s consumer base and create a niche for it in this particular category.

The agency’s campaign strategy was to run a tactical campaign dubbed Herbal Experts.

Using the hashtag #DiscoverHerbal, the campaign was targeted at women in the region (between the ages of 20 to 45) who are progressively passionate about clean, green, and herbal products.

To kick-start the campaign, the Agency proposed an influencer event, to be attended by a cross-section of digital influencers.

  • Interactive Event

  • Meet Brand Experts

  • Valuable Content




  • To bring the messaging and natural theme to life, the event was hosted at Montgomerie Golf Course, specifically for the beauty of its natural surroundings.

    To pique the curiosity of the influencers, the entire concept of the event was designed to be novel and experiential. For instance, in sync with the new ‘Fresh Start’ range, the welcome drinks were served with the same flavors and the products were displayed alongside the drinks.


  • Key activities included massage sessions, stations to make-your-own-scrubs-and-soaps, a caricature artist using branded customized papers to create the caricatures and a photo booth with fun props to create maximum mileage on the digital platform.


  • The Agency facilitated further collaboration between the brand and select influencers to run competitions on their respective platforms.



Increase in Sales

In-Market-Sales growth in GCC vs. previous year

Share of Market

Increase in KSA supermarket share

Target Audience

All invited influencers were from the target age group. The influencers posted/shared their experience at the event online (during or post).


Many of the influencers became regular Himalaya customers post the event.

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