Himalaya Influencer Campaign


How an Influencer-driven campaign helped a beauty brand achieve double-digit growth in sales


The Case

For over nine decades, Himalaya has built a strong reputation for being the ‘herbal expert’, creating high-quality, gentle, and safe formulas backed by nearly a century of scientific research and development.

However, the brand was now facing an emerging challenge - to educate its customers that Himalaya products will not only make them look good on a cosmetic level but are cruelty-free, clean, safe, and natural.

Himalaya products are not only safe to use but will help to make this world a better place now and for future generations.



Create awareness that Himalaya's products are cruelty-free, natural, and safe for the consumer and the environment

Position Himalaya as the preferred herbal skincare brand

Increase revenue & market share for various product categories


  • Trying to change what consumers look for in beauty products is in itself a big challenge. Beauty brands are constantly trying to attract the attention of consumers by using words such as "organic", "clean", "eco-friendly" while using complex (and sometimes harmful) chemicals and ingredients. Himalaya, on the other hand, has stuck to its ethics by using age-old Ayurvedic and natural ingredients such as Neem, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, etc.

  • The economic impact on the beauty industry by the COVID-19 pandemic was unprecedented.

  • Faced with such a monumental challenge, Himalaya needed to reset and adopt a more transformative approach to how they interact and engage with their target audience.

  • It was time for them to be more focused, empathetic, and creative to thrive in these difficult times.


Research revealed that during the pandemic social media users were spending more time than ever getting to know their favorite influencers, and discovering new ones.

The significant increase in the influence of social media and beauty blogs that communicate the benefits of herbal beauty products is likely to impact the sale of herbal beauty products. The increased demand for chemical-free beauty products along with growing awareness about cruelty-free cosmetics is supporting market growth.

Rising focus on appearance and looks coupled with increased interest in herbal products among consumers are some of the factors that are expected to help the expansion of the market worldwide.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

The agency formulated a communication strategy that was designed to educate beauty enthusiasts in the region and make them aware of the risks and impact of using beauty products that are produced using potentially unhealthy ingredients.

The strategy was to target and expand the brand's consumer base by educating them about the benefits of the cruelty-free, natural, and safe ingredients used across Himalaya's product range.

As more and more consumers saw value in the opinion of influencers, we believed it was the right time to connect with the audience directly and talk to them in a language they understand using the channels they prefer.

The strategy was to make use of influencers to drive the campaign.

We engaged in barter collaborations and NOT commercial partnerships. As a result, the campaigns were more organic, natural, and credible.

  • TACTIC: The agency identified 240 relevant influencers from the UAE and KSA to communicate the message to their tribes

  • GOAL: Highlight the risks of chemicals used in beauty products vs the benefits of cruelty-free herbal beauty products and thereby position the brand as a preferred herbal skincare brand

  • RATIONALE: Micro-influencers serve more niche audiences and provide access to a small subset of a targeted demographic that’s truly interested in the brand’s offerings

Execution & Tactics


Identify Influencers

  • Based on the profiles and target audiences for each product category, the agency generated a comprehensive list of 120 UAE and 120 KSA influencers.

Content Plan

  • Prompted by the requirements for every product category, the agency designed a plan for the influencers to guide them with regard to which kinds of posts would create the right impact – video tutorials, static posts, stories, and contests.


  • The agency designed guidelines, timelines, and a detailed brief for each product ensuring that the messaging was targeted to support the campaign objectives.



The communication strategy needed to ensure that this message got through to the target audience and that it led to them taking action by moving away from products filled with chemicals to real, natural, skincare.

The influencer campaign was a medium for the brand to communicate this message to its audience and the sales figures are proof of the success of the campaign.

Business Impact

Double-digit increase in growth for face wash (GCC In-Market Sales) compared to the previous year

Business Impact

Increase in growth for baby care (GCC In-Market Sales) compared to the previous year

Business Impact

Increase in growth rate and category growth of for UAE face wash – leading to an overall share gain.

Brand Awareness

Over 2.4 million estimated reach through social influencer

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