FTFT Capital


Rebuilding an industry in crisis


The Case

Ola Lind and FTFT Capital through the #CryptoCredibility campaign helped rebuild confidence in cryptocurrency by changing the conversation for the public and the media.




Change the perception of cryptocurrency to focus more on the technology & career prospects apart from the investment opportunities

To become a reliable, trusted source for fintech-related stories

To attract the youth to pursue careers in the blockchain and fintech space

To position spokesperson Ola Lind as the face of the industry, and build a new young community to be a part of the movement


  • AN INDUSTRY IN CRISIS - The cryptocurrency industry’s image had taken a beating and the perceptions of the industry were poor.

  • It's a SCAM! - With the global Crypto market crash in 2021, many investors were annoyed at the market's volatility and blamed the industry calling it a SCAM or a 'Ponzi Scheme.'

  • "Get Rich Quick" - People were under the assumption that cryptocurrencies were a shortcut to getting rich.

  • Zero Credibility - Due to loss of high-value assets, investors began questioning the industry's credibility.

  • Media Interest - was in currency performance and not so much on technologies, which fueled the volatile and unreliable perception.


The research was broken down into 2 key criteria - Understanding and categorizing the audience, and Identifying and understanding the key media.

People aged 45 and above were extremely pessimistic and reluctant about cryptocurrencies

People between the ages of 25 and 44 saw it as a growing technology but did not actively participate in investing or the conversation

People between the age of 13 to 24 emerged as the main crypto miners, and future leaders of this emerging currency



We needed to redefine the perception of the industry as a whole, while keeping media interest and consumer engagement alive

Our main strategy: Build #cryptocredibility through Ola Lind and craft an image for him as a thought leader

  • Tailored Stories (for the target 3 audiences) with search engine driven content

  • Target audience: media, potential fintech investors, and youth

  • Overall comms strategy: Interplay of 3 platforms - content focus with key events



Influencing media

  • Matrix secured Ola’s exposure and collaborations with mainstream and industry media like the Gulf Business panel and CNME advisory to change the conversation and make it more focused on technology and possibilities

Influencing Events

  • Ola influenced major industry media like Gulf News Web3 event, GDCSS summit, and CNME advisory to change the conversation and involve more youth with free access and internship opportunities

Influencing Youth

    • The #cryptocredibility campaign engaged with universities to persuade and ignite curiosity among the youth on the industry and opportunities for a career



Business acheivement

Chosen as one of the three Global Business Blockchain Committee Ambassadors along with Skaikh Zayed and Makki Ibrahim

Youth involvement

3+ Universities involved in the #Cryptocredibility campaign. Active participation in GDCSS and GN event & Ola’s admission to the advisory panel for CNME

Government action

The new conversations were well reflected in government moves such as free crypto for women

Media mentions

Secured 96 tier 1 mentions in just 8 months of the campaign. i.e 12 massive highlights per month

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