Fitness First


Putting customer service first ahead of numbers

Growing your customer numbers is good but enhancing customer experience is better

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    Fitness First operates in a flooded and highly competitive market whereby most players are primarily focused on growing their subscriber numbers. Naturally, this strategy negatively impacts on their service delivery and customer satisfaction.

    Fitness First saw an opportunity to change the narrative. It needed to show leadership by highlighting the importance of mainstreaming customer service as well as value addition.

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    To boost Fitness First’s consumer profile through media platforms that were popular with its target audience hence increasing its visibility.

    Matrix used these channels to connect with consumers that were somewhat dissatisfied with the kind of service they were receiving and were now shopping for that one club with exceptional customer experience.

    Our messaging needed to address these pain points in a way that resonated with the target consumers.

    We would then use these interactions to highlight the club’s value addition as well as generate awareness for its facilities.

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    We leveraged on the traditional print media’s popularity by narrowing down to some of the most popular health and wellness publications and columns.

    The team then briefed editors and bloggers about this emerging trend and how it’s rapidly becoming a worrying concern not only for fitness enthusiasts but also for the industry as a whole.

    Digital media also played a key role in advancing this cause.

    We partnered with local influencers who, in turn, created and curated targeted digital experiences throughout the campaign.


Our content development team was tasked with creating compelling press releases and media kits that positioned Fitness First as the industry leader.

In order to give the media a taste of what Fitness First was offering, we selected a few well-known journalists and enrolled them for fitness trials.

The Results

New club openings were widely covered across mainstream media in the region

Secured monthly collaborations with popular publications such as Discover Dubai, First Fit, Salam Bahrain

A 120% year-over-year increase in coverage secured• 70% coverage from related tier one publications, including: Cosmo, Gulf News, Discover Dubai, First Fit, Mens Health etc.

70% coverage from related tier one publications, including: Cosmo, Gulf News, Discover Dubai, First Fit, Mens Health etc.

Inclusion in more than 120 posts by influencers and journalists /

30+ reviews from GCC media/influencers

24 unique and exclusive articles and 12 trainers featured in the likes of First Fit, Salaam Bahrain and Discover Dubai

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