Fashion League Series: Celebrity Event


Putting a new event on the runway


The Case

Fashion League Series Dubai is part of the Fashion League Series, a calendar event that takes place annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) followed by similar high-profile showcases in London, New York and Canada.

The event seeks to bring the fashion community from Asia and the UAE together featuring top designers, celebrities, and showstoppers who exhibit their best creations under various themes.

Fashion League Series, Dubai wanted to give exposure to the designers and celebs while crafting an image for themselves as a celebration and festival of colors, art, culture and entertainment!



Showcase Asia’s and the UAE’s finest designers

Develop a platform for regional stylist destinations and talents to expose their creations

Inspire, showcase, and unite fashion key creators, communicators, and consumers

Get the media excited and invested in the event


  • The concept was a failure in Europe

  • Creating an image and buzz to attract top designers from the region to be part of the showcase

  • Finding potential sponsors and partners for this concept to potential partners

  • Ensuring that the event program runs smoothly and the designers and celebs get a good ROI

  • Ensure the media captures the essence of the show


The team researched the designers and the celebs thoroughly and divided them into categories – Exclusives, Limited and Open

The team reached out to the media and asked them for their wishlist of people they would like to interview

The team suggested a suitable venue that is easily accessible and can house the 18 celebrities and designers

The team created a story for each designer and their collection

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

The agency created a three-prong strategy

Key media were given exclusives in return for a cover page or double spread or full-page stories

The team crafted interesting hooks such as the youngest UAE designer to local, regional and international media which caught their attention

Regular backstage updates and social media posts with the event branding kept the audiences engaged with a peek into what goes on behind the scenes. Key media were given backstage access to film and conduct interviews

  • Exclusive Content

  • Local Stories

  • Backstage Access

Execution & Tactics


Social Media

  • The agency primarily leveraged the power of social media in several ways in a bid to ensure that the event was a success, including:

    • The agency regularly shared interesting celebrity photos and videos on social media platforms to build awareness and create credibility
    • Used Boomerang Shots with 15 celebrities to create fun buzz-worthy content for the audiences and keep the topic trending


    • The agency created opportunities for the celebrities to talk to the media from various other angles that would interest the media and plug the event in their responses


    • Used short backstage interviews with the celebrities sharing their experiences with the Fashion League Series, Dubai
    • Pitched unique stories about celebrities and designers, including stories such as the youngest UAE designer, to generate hype



The event was a huge success despite what would have been a crisis due to the last-minute name change. The agency was swift and deliberate in executing its media relations and stakeholder engagement strategy, which ensured that all targeted media were kept abreast of the upcoming fashion design event. The goal was to get the much-needed buy-in from all the stakeholders, including the media and the influencers who were critical to the event’s success.

Fashion League Series, Dubai generated excellent media coverage including front cover pages and double spread in the mainstream print media. Interviews and clippings on leading TV channels all with the new brand identity gave the campaign a new lease of life.


14 select media were at the event and the coverage reach was 32,366,193

Cover Page

1 Cover page story for Sunny Leone that also covered FLS

Full Page

The event received 3 Full Pages stories and 1 massive story that was spread across Three Full Pages


Over 20 interviews for media and designers backstage and pre-event

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