Do’s & Dont’s of Hosting a Podcast

Do’s & Dont’s of Hosting a Podcast

Podcasts represent a brilliant tool for digital marketing. Hosting a podcast promotes your business and brand perfectly. You should work on increasing your audience in order to benefit from podcasts that have been getting quite popular during the past few years.

Creating an impressive and hosting a podcast with interesting topics is an effective marketing tool that should be utilized perfectly to achieve the best results. There are some certain dos and don’ts all podcasts should follow. In this blog, we would be highlighting the most important among them.


Do No. 1: Specify a certain niche

The target audience of podcasts is not as broad as blogs. Nevertheless, competition is fierce to attract the largest number of listeners. This is the reason why you should focus on a certain niche or topic. You should also find an explicit factor in the topic you choose that would be as attractive to your target audience.


Do No. 2: Carry out the best edits

Editing is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort. It really pays off and distinguishes the content you offer in your podcast. This is the main reason why when renowned organizations like BBC publish content on their podcasts, they do all the required edits to provide the highest levels of quality.

Do No. 3: Establish a system

Hosting a podcast can be challenging. You should make your podcast as easy as possible to follow. You should establish a system for releasing your episodes in exact timings.  There should be a precise publishing schedule. This is to enable followers and fans to know when to expect new content published in your podcast.


Do No. 4: Your episode should be less than 30 minutes

Statistics and research have shown that the attention span of podcast listeners never exceeds 22 minutes. Users commonly listen to podcasts while carrying out daily duties or enjoying a meal on their own. Your episode should never be more than 30 minutes. In fact, experts assert that 20 minutes is the best duration for podcast episodes.


Do No. 5: You should evaluate your results

You should have a clear method of assessing the success achieved. The objective of your podcast is to reach the largest target audience and create the highest levels of engagement. You can evaluate your success through various tools. These methods include counting the number of listeners, downloads, and shares over various social media outlets. You should carry out these assessments on a regular basis.


Don’t No. 1: Don’t be extremely rigid

Establishing a system is essential for the success of your podcast. However, it is preferable if you could sometimes breach this system to keep your listeners excited. You can tackle issues outside your main topic sometimes or even take a few minutes to address something new. It is also a great idea to release an episode away from your regular routine. This may occur on certain occasions, in case of events, or when something unexpected happens.


Don’t No. 2: Inside jokes are prohibited

While hosting a guest or addressing a topic on your own, it’s never good to joke about something that your listeners would not understand. You can have a casual style of talking. Remember that you are not only speaking to your guest, you are addressing numerous users that you want to impress and engage.


Don’t No. 3: Never ignore your audience

When you start achieving success with your podcast, some listeners might start contacting you. They might be asking questions, suggesting new ideas for episodes, or simply telling you their point of view about what you provide. You should be as nice and helpful as you can. This is because these users will address how you replied to them over their social media accounts.


Don’t No. 4: Never make your edits quite apparent to listeners

As we mentioned above, professional editing is an important element in the success of your podcast. These edits, nevertheless, should never affect the conversation in the episodes and how natural they seem to listeners.


Don’t No. 5: Don’t turn your podcast into an Ad

The moment you transform your podcast into a means of advertisement, the moment listeners start losing interest in your episodes. People are exposed to too many Ads everywhere; on TV, social media, and even in the streets. Nobody would love to listen to minutes and minutes about the advantages of what you offer and how magnificent your services and products are.