Delmont Fire & Safety

Delmont Fire & Safety

Use SEO for Page 1 Google search result in just 3 months


The Case

Established in 2016, Delmont Fire & Safety ( is a UAE based fire detection and protection system installation and maintenance company. Delmont approached Matrix during the second quarter of 2019 to assist with improving its ranking on search engine results pages (SERP) as well as the number of visitors to the corporate website. Relatively new in the industry and given the nature of its service offerings, needed to successfully improve its SERP rankings in order to stand out from the larger, established players.

So how did Matrix PR manage to get 142% increase in website traffic, over 200% increase in new users, 5 keywords on page #1 of Google search results in just 3 months?



Enhance the existing website

Increase the number of visitors to the website

Achieve first page SERP ranking for competitive keywords

Increase organic traffic

Drive traffic to localized content

Generate business enquiries and leads from the website


  • The website was not search engine friendly

  • Poor results in relevant keyword searches

  • Competitive business industry

  • Established leaders already had a strong online presence and dominating the top positions in online searches

  • No leads or queries coming in from the website


Results from a technical audit were used to understand the industry, competitors and client patterns and decision making

More than strategically arranging content, we concluded that it was imperative to understand user intent.

The design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of firefighting systems have formulated rules and regulations that are followed stringently.

Which meant, in a serious business environment, there is little scope of being out of the box and the impact needed to be created within a stipulated framework.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

The strategy was built around focused content creation, traffic, and blogs.

This would assist in creating domain authority and getting a better ranking on search engines.

  • Content: The content strategy was built around user intent.

  • Traffic: strategic changes to CMS, website code, On-Page Optimization and Off-Page SEO optimization.

  • Blogs: To make it a 360-degree approach to the strategic roadmap, we created a blog on the website.

Execution & Tactics


Keyword strategy

    • Our digital marketing experts got to work straightaway on developing an integrated site-wide keyword strategy.
    • Further defining specifics in a niche industry can be a daunting task especially because it isn’t just about understanding the audiences’ needs, interest and questions but also aligning the brand’s offerings.
    • With, the brainstorming on keyword analysis was a project in itself since we had to find a competitive edge over some of the top industry players.

Search Intent

    • Drawing upon competitor keywords, gaps, consumer keywords, related as well as competition keywords; resulted in building an organic pool of keywords.
    • Considering the search intent of the brand’s target audiences, the website’s content was overhauled to align between navigation and information.
    • This further enhanced the strategic placement of information on the website to not just make it user-friendly but also specific and easy to navigate.
    • The topics and sub-topics were linked and aligned whilst eliminating the risk of sending wrong signals to the search engines.
    • A logical flow of category and sub-category was put in place to establish hierarchy and keep the communication simple and transparent.

SEO Monitoring

    • An essential part of our strategy was decluttering the unwanted, restoring the valuable and adding value to the existing interface.
    • A lot of edits, removal, and mergers in sections and descriptions were undertaken to bring about uniformity in messaging and its alignment with SEO.
    • This exercise ensured that there were fewer or negligible errors in directing search queries to correct response pages.
    • A thorough SEO monitoring campaign was conducted to recognize and fix issues.
    • Right from observing linking of sites to relevant content and keyword search to inbound, outbound, and competitor link profiles; a continuous analysis helped track the benefits of SEO and content alignment.



The agency was confident about our approach and that reaped benefits. From infrequent website hits to a phenomenal increase in online engagement and traffic; the strategy and execution was justified considering the numbers crunched to top local directories.

Our strategic route of website refinement paid off well in terms of sustainable brand awareness and education.

Website Traffic

142% increase in website traffic

New Users

200% increase in new users in 3 months

Mobile Traffic

97% increased mobile traffic

Page #1 ranking

5 keywords on page #1 in search ranking

Organic Traffic

250% increase in organic traffic in 3 months

New Sessions

127% increase in new sessions

Product Pages

A 100% increase in product page visits

Bounce Rates

a 50% decrease in bounce rates

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