First-of-a-kind virtual event garners 68 million impressions and 13 million views


The Case

With a plethora of players in the regional hair care space, Dabur needed to raise its profile and differentiate itself as a trusted brand in the sector.

To effectively achieve this, the brand decided to appoint celebrity Egyptian actress Heba Magdi as the brand ambassador for Dabur Amla Hair Oil.

Heba, a celebrated youth icon in the region, would stand out as a trusted and credible influencer and trend-setter for the targeted demographic. Her social media content and values are in sync with the brand, which makes her a natural choice to be the face and voice of the brand.

Matrix PR was tasked with managing a complete 360-degree integrated campaign to unveil the partnership and to create awareness and excitement around it.



Maximize brand visibility and awareness

Increase social media engagement, activity and presence

Gain maximum exposure for the tie-up between the brand and Heba Magdi

Increase sales for Dabur Amla Hair Oil


  • Since social gatherings were still prohibited, a virtual event was the only viable option.

  • This would be the first time the client was hosting an event of this nature spanning several countries across the GCC.


Our research revealed that customers crave a human experience. Another study found that celebrities or popular personalities have a strong influence on the buying behavior of millennials.

Guided by this research the campaign team was confident that a Heba-led campaign would resonate well with the target audience in the region.

A key insight from the research was that we could leverage the impact of this relationship with Heba further by supporting it with additional influencer collaborations. It was, therefore, decided that the campaign and virtual event would be supported by the media and influencers from across the GCC.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Our plan was to kick-start the campaign with a unique first-of-its-kind virtual event and experience.

The tactic was to give the target audience a first-hand experience of interacting with Heba; thereby way boosting engagement and brand loyalty among the target audience.

The overarching idea was to generate a buzz around the brand and encourage the audience to connect with the brand.

  • Virtual Event

  • Collaborations with influencers

  • Traditional PR and tactical media relations

Execution & Tactics


Event Attendance

    • Event attendance for the virtual event keeping in mind that we would be live across several countries and time zones in the GCC. Our top priority was ideally not just to get the GCC guests to virtually attend the event but to flawlessly coordinate the interaction between the celebrity and the guests.

Gift Packs

    • Event attendees based across the GCC needed to receive gift packs and sample products delivered to their homes within a narrow time frame. It was important for the attendees to receive the products in their hands so that they could try them out and talk about them on their social channels.
    • Media and influencers needed to engage with their audiences on social platforms post-event to continue the momentum.

Traditional PR

  • Use of traditional PR efforts (media relations, product reviews, interviews, etc.) to further amplify the message.



TVC commercial viewership

Over 30 million impressions at 400+GRP’s


5 million impressions from YouTube


Dabur Amla channel garnered over 13 million views


Dabur Amla channel garnered over 68 million impressions


Increase in social media engagement by 2.5 million views


Dabur Amla channel increased their subscriber base by 18,000 in just three months

Business Impact

Sales of Dabur Amla Hair oil doubled across the GCC compared to the previous period

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