Crisis Communications for a Financial Institution

Crisis Communications

Financial Brand Maliciously Attacked - Now They Have More Loyal Staff & Customers!


The Case

The company discovered a malicious attempt to slander its long-standing reputation through false and doctored information that was being widely shared by an unknown entity via fake websites, and social media, using the client’s name.

In addition, doctored videos featured on the first 2 pages of Google search results for online searches for the brand's keywords.

The links were being shared with existing clients and staff creating doubt and panic.

Furthermore, new content and videos were being added regularly.



The campaign’s main objective was to reassure and re-build trust amongst their staff, clients and prospects.

Prevent false and malicious online content to reach tier 1 media

Manage search results for brand keywords and push results beyond Google page 5

Craft internal and external communications to prevent a panic

Mitigate damage to reputation and business and rebuild the company image online


  • Additional false content kept popping up on various social media platforms and channels

  • Content was being shared anonymously with clients and staff

  • False content appeared as results for ‘company name + fraud’ keyword search


We identified the key words most problematic to the client’s reputation

We researched a list of digital portals with high domain authority

Online forums helped us coordinate with social media sites



  • Damage control through false content dilution

  • Reputation management with the aid of positive stories

  • Develop in-house staff as brand ambassadors



Execution Plan

  • The agency created a comprehensive action plan to protect and boost the company’s online reputation.


  • When it came to the stakeholders, we covered all angles, making sure that no one was left in the dark once the problem had been detected.

Internal & External

  • Plans were devised targeting internal and external stakeholders.



Within five months, the company, with the help of Matrix PR as their advisors and crisis communication consultants, was able to suppress and subsequently take down most of the negative content online.

The client's side of the story was published by Tier 1 media.


0 clients were lost as a result of the strategy and action plan


Hundreds of clippings in print and online using positive keywords

CSR Activity

CSR activity garnered a positive sentiment

Industry Stories

The client was featured several times among industry stories.

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