Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker

How a strategic PR approach paved the path for Coldwell Banker to stand out in the UAE’s overcrowded real estate space


The Case

Coldwell Banker established its operations in the UAE in 2005 and has been one of the leading real estate organizations since.

Coldwell Banker appointed Matrix PR as their official PR agency to effectively build its brand profile, enhance its corporate identity, maximize brand visibility in the region, and enhance its image as a pioneer in the real estate industry.



Strengthening the confidence in the brand among all stakeholders: investors, business partners, general public and create top brand recall amongst the target media in the region to create more visibility.

Brand positioning

Awareness through media relations

Credibility through expert comments and interviews

Visibility for new projects


  • The region is home to many real estate brokers and companies all competing to expand their market share

  • Creating a distince brand differentiation in the minds of consumers

  • Building trust and credibility with media and consumers


The real estate industry in this region has always been one of the cornerstones of this country’s success.

The property market remains an important source of income for the government and one that will continue to generate successes for investors and homeowners alike.

Matrix PR had identified the roadmap to highlight Coldwell Banker’s key messages to its audience thereby building credibility and putting the name on top of the real estate players chart in the region.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Our strategy was based on three key stages – Know, Like and Trust to build Coldwell Banker’s positive image in the region and position them as industry leaders

The strategy we formulated included -

Exclusive and insightful market reports and trends

Participation in industry stories to position the spokespeople as thought leaders

Strike the right chord with the media by arranging informal meetings with the editors to create a brand rapport

  • Image building

  • Thought Leadership

  • Media Relations

Execution & Tactics


Image Building

  • Build credibility by sharing exclusive data and real estate market details with target media

    Identify media opportunities to highlight the brand’s core values of being a transparent and honest company

Thought Leadership

  • Position the spokespeople as industry experts through industry stories participation and thought leadership articles

    Identify speaking opportunities for the client to enhance the trust value amongst the target audience

Media Relations

  • Enhance relations with target media through informal meetings to discuss the industry trends



The agency’s strategy was an instant success with the PR activities immediately gaining traction with the media.

The media relations campaign sparked a keen interest with the key media outlets featuring exclusive articles by Coldwell Banker and comments for industry stories thereby highlighting their expertise and deep knowledge of the industry. The result are ongoing regular media mentions and positive feedback from the key media outlets on the information provided by the company spokespeople


Over 83 clippings in Tier 1 titles online and offline


Secured more than 10 engagements with Tier 1 media

Image Building

Multiple thought leadership content pieces featuring the brand spokesperson

Brand Visibility

Over 1 million potential impressions and top brand recall by the media

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