Coldwell Banker


The Profitable Power of Storytelling in Real Estate


The Case

Although Coldwell Banker was a relatively well-known brand in the real estate sector internationally, it still needed to differentiate itself from its competitors locally.

Matrix helped them do just that through the Know - Like - Trust strategy.



To increase the brand’s share of voice and through that increase the number of investor enquiries and securing new client

To find a gap (niche) amid the noise that would, in turn, attract the media and its target audience (investors)

To Increase credibility and trust by building and sustaining strong and mutually-beneficial media relations.


  • Highly competitive industry and well-established giant players in the market

  • Credibility and Trust issues amongst investors and buyers

  • No prior PR/brand exposure


Research into how to build and sustain strong relationships with relevant editors and journalists revealed

that providing numbers, data, and local insights

are key for getting placements in mainstream media for the real estate industry.

Campaign strategy

Campaign strategy

This strategy helped us build a positive brand image in the region.

It positioned Coldwell Banker as an industry leader, and boost their customer enquiries/ conversion efforts.

Our campaign strategy was based on three key stages: Know, Like, and Trust

  • KNOW: Share timely exclusive and insightful market reports and trends

  • LIKE: Data driven participation in industry stories

  • TRUST: Build Brand-Media Rapport



Quarterly Market Reports

  • Shared quarterly market reports and emerging trends from the real estate market throughout the campaign period

Thought Leadership articles

    • Drafted thought leadership pieces on various trending topics
    • What followed was a flurry of media requests for thought leadership articles as well as comment opportunities
    • Gulf News, for instance, published four consecutive exclusive columns by Coldwell Banker

Proactive Comments

  • The team kept track of all industry announcements and proactively sent timely comments on behalf of the client to relevant media who were likely to work on follow-up features



Media requests

Media requests increase by 69%

Investor inquiries

Investor inquiries increased by 10%

Client conversions

Client conversions increased by 8%

Media clippings

172 media clippings generated including 119 digital and 53 print

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