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About ScentStory

ScentStory was founded in 2008 by Mr. Gabriel Chami. Its commitment is to create fragrances for perfume connoisseurs. Renowned to create unique fragrances, the brand blends scents to provide you with distinctive fragrant experiences that evoke emotional and colourful memories.

With a strong belief that fragrances are the perfect medium to tell stories, express feelings and emotions; olfactory delights concocted by ScentStory are powerful, obsessive and represent a universal, timeless language that requires no words or sounds. Its 24 range of fragrances is a burst of intense scents created by artisan-perfumers, and developed in the pure tradition of French fine perfumery.


ScentStory’s latest olfactory invention is a tribute to the UAE. Called ‘7 Wonders of Emirates’; the scentsational collection is an assortment of 7 high-end perfumes depicting each emirate where each bottle evokes senses reminiscent of landscapes and tales from their territory.

As a global stakeholder in the niche fragrances market, their fine perfumes are distributed in more than 30 countries.


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