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About Nested VFX

Nested, started in 2020 is a post-production and Visual VFX boutique optimized for the new era, run by enthusiastic young creatives and seasoned technicians eager to change the status quo and to provide convenience, affordability, efficiency, and superior quality to your post-production needs.

In 2022, Nested expanded its reach and opened its first branch abroad, in Riyadh, to better cater to the local market and be part of the economic boom in the kingdom.

With growing teams based out of our Dubai headquarters and Riyadh office,  producers and representatives across the region, and partners and collaborators around the globe, Nested is rising to be a spearhead in Visual Effects and Post-Production across the GCC and Levant.

Nested offers world-class expertise in Video Editing, Color Grading, Motion Design, 2D and 3D Computer Graphics, Visual Effects, Video Compositing, Video Mastering, Motion Capture, and everything in between.

They are known for their innovative problem-solving approach and for demystifying the VFX process for the uninitiated client.

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