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Jodhpur Royal Dining

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About Jodhpur Royal Dining

Jodhpur Royal Dining, one of Dubai’s most revered Indian cuisine restaurants, offers a nostalgic fine dining experience by recreating international dishes fused with Indian Flavours. Based at the Roda Al Murooj Hotel in the sprawling Dubai downtown complex, the award-winning eatery sets itself apart by serving a host of culinary masterpieces.

Some of Jodhpur Royal Dining offerings include the tantalizingly flavorful seafood special – the Butter lobster, garnished with crispy shrimp and served with Konkani gravy that can only be described as the real deal. The menu also features the popular Kale Patta Chaat, only this time the chef has infused innovative elements that make the simple street side snack pack a punch. The traditional British dessert, Lotus Treacle Tart is simply a must-have. The chef has cleverly thrown in some maple syrup, honey, and rich brown butter then topped it up with salted butterscotch ice cream to finally recreate what some food critics have termed as a sinful delight.

And to create a holistic dining experience, Jodhpur’s indoor and open-air ambiance creates a perfect set-up through its luxurious and spacious restaurant decor. Jodhpur brings its visitors ‘back to the roots’ cooking, with all its exquisite and favorite flavors. The food aims to inspire diners to go beyond the fad of molecular gastronomy and revel in the glorious taste of the Indian cuisine classics of bygone days, and all with an original and creative twist!

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