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About Idoneus

Idoneus is reinventing access to, and the value of, luxury. A new secure digital economy, that makes it simple and easy for luxury assets, goods and services to be purchased, sold, rented, or otherwise experienced. This frictionless society is using a new common unit of value: a smart currency called IDON. Combined with a world-class user portal, providing secure visibility of and access to the market-leading high-end asset portfolio, the IDON Token has the potential to increase the total value of the Luxury Asset Market, allowing greater participation from new sources of wealth and creating new value flows. At the same time enabling private investors, family offices, and institutions greater speed and security of trading regardless of the physical complexities of the asset in question.

Idoneus was created by leading industry professionals representing over a century of experience. The company’s principals have directly facilitated asset exchange and acquisition transactions on five continents.

Idoneus connects Industry Partners, Asset Owners, and Token Holders in one integrated blockchain-based economy.

Idoneus provides a unique method to buy, sell, rent, trade, or otherwise experience luxury assets. “Assets” include, but are not limited to real estate, fine art, aircraft, yachts, precious gemstones, luxury vehicles, and fine jewelry. Idoneus assists its industry partners by expanding their client base of luxury consumers, thereby allowing them to sell more goods and services. Idoneus enables luxury asset owners to divest surplus inventory in exchange for IDON Tokens. Token Holders are able to buy, rent and experience luxury assets, goods and services at a favorable value basis.


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