About Hundred

Hundred is the UAE’s leading personalized offers search engine – a smart digital platform that gives users easy access to available offers from local and international brands and bank cards at their fingertips.

Launched in 2021, the Hundred app is designed to help users to save money by maximizing the use of offers available to them through their digital devices, wherever they are.

Hundred has offers aggregated from over 20 banks.  With over 20,000 offers across 12,000 outlets in various categories, Hundred is the country’s largest value-addition mobile app and web platform that personalizes different offers for consumers, with a wide footprint within the UAE.

Targeting 18 to 60 year-olds and those who have bank cards and value seekers, the app eliminates the need to visit scores of websites by consolidating the same information in one place making it more convenient to use for finding offers.

Hundred delivers unparalleled spending optimization ability to its users. Targeting over 500,000 downloads by Q4 2021, The platform is safe and easy to use.


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